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You are invited to the Doll’s Garden Party in Celebration of Izannah Walker’s 201st Birthday!

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You are invited to the doll’s Garden Party in celebration of Izannah Walker’s 201st Birthday! September 25th, 2018 @ izannahwalker.com
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The fun will start at 8:30 am Eastern Time & continue throughout the day With multiple blog posts to keep you updated on preparations and party celebrations. I will be unveiling new reproduction Izannah Walker dolls for sale. Dolls and accessories will be posted for sale at 8:30 pm Eastern time, which will give you the entire day to watch the dolls at play and become acquainted with them.
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Beth’s Custom Ordered Doll

A new doll for Beth
A new doll for Beth ❤

I don’t get asked to make too many black reproduction Izannah Walker dolls, so it is always a pure pleasure when someone requests one. ❤ This is Beth’s doll. She is a black version of my Hannah, with a vintage Tibetan lambskin wig, and bare feet. I’m just finishing her shoes, which was fine with this little Hannah. She told me quite firmly that it was too hot to wear shoes today, and if they had been finished that she wouldn’t have put them on!!! She definitely has a mind of her own…

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  • Photography is NOT my best skill & black dolls are often difficult to get good images of. She is so much prettier in person!
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August 23rd ~ Third Thursday ~ 1 Doll + Dresses Available for Sale

Thank you so much for coming to this Third Thursday! Everything is now SOLD. Please come back next month, on September 25th, for my annual Izannah Walker Birthday Celebration, when there will be more dolls and clothing available for sale. ❤

Summer is drawing to a close and my Third Thursdays are resuming! No Third Thursday in September, as the dolls will all be busy getting ready to celebrate Izannah Walker’s 201st Birthday on September, 25th! So you will have to wait 4 extra days next month to see what new dolls are available for sale 🙂


18 inch Isabeau with Bare FeetSOLD $1525.00 A sweet, timeworn reproduction of the original “Isabeau”, wearing a long sleeved dress made using a pattern from an original Izannah Walker doll dress. Her other clothing is comprised of a linen chemise & petticoat, cotton pantalettes, stockings, handmade leather shoes, and a cotton “coral” print apron. All of the fabrics and buttons in her wardrobe are antique.

IMG_4926IMG_4923Pink & Black Print DressSOLD $250.00 This dress is lavishly trimmed with rows of black velvet ribbon. It is made from antique mid-19th century fabric and closes in the back with drawstrings. Sized to fit 18 – 19 inch Izannah Walker dolls ~ either the antique originals or my reproductions of them ❤ Skirt length is 8 inches.

IMG_4985White Eyelet DressSOLD $200.00 Pure white vintage eyelet. A lovely party dress for these last hot days of the year! Sized to fit 16 inch Izannah Walker dolls ~ if you have one of my reproduction Annas or Lizzybits this dress will fit them. It would be a bit loose & long on Izzybelle. The dress would also fit an 18 inch doll, if you prefer shorter skirts. Skirt length a scant 7 inches.

All items sold on a “first come” basis. Email me at p.walton.asweetremembrance@gmail.com to purchase. Paypal, credit cards, checks or money orders accepted for payment. Free priority mail shipping & full insurance to any U.S address. International orders ~ exact postage + $10 handling fee to help off set the extra time required for international shipping. No handling fee for Canada.

❤ At the current time I am not accepting any more custom orders. Once I manage to work through my backlog, I’ll start taking orders again ❤ If you have a particular doll or dress on your “wish list”, comment below. I’ll take “wishes” into consideration when making items for future Third Thursdays!

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Putting the Finishing Touches on Items for Tomorrow’s Third Thursday

I’m just sewing on the final buttons and putting the last stitches in items for tomorrow’s Third Thursday! I’ll be posting my offerings for sale at Noon Eastern time. ❤

Before anyone asks tomorrow, I’m currently completely booked up for custom made dolls, and I am not taking any more orders at this time. Once I’m caught up on outstanding orders, I’ll begin accepting new orders again. ❤ ❤ ❤

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A Very Special Doll for Delores <3

I’ve been working on an interesting project for the last few months. I was asked to make a reproduction Izannah Walker doll based on the wonderful circa 1857 doll named Ella, that was sold by Withington’s Auction in 2008. The first step was to determine which of the 16 different molds that I have of Izannah’s original dolls would most closely resemble Ella. My Ismay was made around the same time period that Ella was and has a similar, though slightly thinner face. Ismay has had many more active adventures in her life than Ella has, and is not in as pristine condition. So my first step was to make a plaster positive of Ismay’s head and carefully re-sculpt the most worn areas. Then I made new molds from the plaster head. For reference I used the stunning photos taken by Withington’s for their 2008 catalog. It’s been a lovely process and I have so enjoyed conferring with Delores about her new doll! She is not an exact copy of Ella, as she blends bits of Ella and Ismay together, but I think she has captured Ella’s spirit. ❤ Tomorrow she will be traveling to her new home. I’ll miss having her sweet company in my studio, but I’m thrilled that she is finally going to join her new doll family!

A doll for Delores
A very special custom made doll for Delores ❤
Delores' doll
Posing with a photo of Ella.

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A New Doll for Anita


This little doll is turning into quite a traveler ❤  She just returned from the 2018 Early American Life Craftsman Directory photo shoot, and in the morning she is leaving for her new home… Safe travels ❤

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Kathy’s Doll

Pretty in pink ❤ A very special order doll for Kathy…

Kathy's Doll
Kathy’s Doll ❤
Kathy's Doll
Kathy’s Doll