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Sending Sweet May Day Wishes…

Happy May Day!

It’s been a very busy Saturday here in the doll’s house. All the little cloth girls were up very early, excitedly chattering away about who they needed to take a May Basket to, what to put in the baskets, and most importantly ~ how to keep from being seen after they left the basket on the doorstep and knocked on the door!

First things first… Tilly Lamb, Sarah Alice and Izzybelle volunteered to arrange the flowers and fill the May Baskets. Little Izzybelle even offered to tuck in extra Happy May Day “wishes” from her big jar of dandelion wishes ❤

Some of the other girls decided to go out for a walk around the gardens and the farm to enjoy the bright sunny morning. On their walk they discovered quite a bit of new growth popping it’s heads up everywhere they looked! How exciting!!! Naturally when they saw that the seeds they had sown in the field last autumn were finally growing they knew that they would need to spend some time tending the field today too.

After their farm chores were finished, Charlcie, Tilly Lamb, Zanna, Isabeau, Ismay, Sarah Alice, and Izzybelle loaded their wheelbarrow with May Baskets and called to the dogs, so that they could finally go deliver the baskets to their dearest friends and neighbors.

At the end of the day the tired but happy little Izzys came back home to have the warm cozy supper that Eliza Jane, Isane, and Hannah stayed home to prepare…

Extra special Happy May Day wishes for you ❤
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Ringing in the New Year with New Dolls! A New Year’s Day Pop~Up Shop!!!

IMG_8073 (2)

A small Pop~Up Shop to celebrate the New Year! Tomorrow, January 1st, here on at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. I will be posting some of my newly completed reproduction Izannah Walker dolls and a handful of antique dolls too!

happy new year moon (2)


IMG_8059 (2)

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No “Third Thursday” this Month

Orders have been pouring into my inbox….

Thanks to all of you, orders have been flooding my in-box ever since last month’s Third Thursday! So I’m not having a “Third Thursday” for July. Instead I’m going to concentrate on finishing up existing orders and getting them shipped and on their way! I hope you are all having a lovely summer and that you’ll join me here next month on August 15th for my “Third Thursday” in August release if new dolls and accessories ❤

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SOLD! Two More Dolls From my Charlcie Mold will be available on 6/20/19 @ Noon Eastern Time – The Very First Reproduction of Charlcie Is SOLD

IMG_2761 (2)SOLD This is my very first reproduction of Charlcie. The original doll is one that I purchased for my own collection, and is only an Izannah Walker head on a c.1900 baby doll cloth body, so I will be making her a new reproduction body. The antique Izannah Walker doll is named Charlcie, after my great-grandmother, Charlcie Savannah Suzybelle Walker.
This Charlcie is 23 inches tall. Her body is made of new 100% cotton, stuffed with organic cotton stuffing. Her head is pressed cloth and is made of silk stockinette, which has been painted with multiple layers of artist’s oils, as have her arms and legs. Her “second skin” body covering is made from antique raspberry pink glazed cotton. She is dressed entirely in antique fabrics, laces, and buttons. Her clothing includes a chemise, split pantelettes, a petticoat and a dress. The dress is made from an antique “double pink” print cotton. I drafted the pattern for the dress from an antique doll’s dress that I own, which supposedly belonged to an Izannah Walker doll at one time. The skirt of the dress has hand sewn cartridge pleating (at the top instead of gathers) just like to original dress. It took me approximately 115 hours (of actual working time) to create the doll and clothing. I made her using the same methods and same materials (with just one or two exceptions where the materials are no longer available and I’ve had to use modern equivalents) that Izannah Walker used to make the original dolls.
The little travel doll is strictly something extra that I made for this very first reproduction of Charlcie! I don’t sell the tiny dolls finished, but I do sell the pre-printed fabric for the tiny doll body  if you click here: 





  • Click on any photo to enlarge ❤

SOLD Charlcie is being offered for sale on a first come basis. The way it works is simple. If you would like to purchase her, please email me at I’ll go by the time stamp when I receive your email to determine whose request is first.

Charlcie is $1775.00, which includes free shipping to any address in the continental U.S. Dolls are mailed via USPS Priority Mail and are insured for their full value. International Orders  will be charged exact postage + a $10.00 handling fee for all international locations, except Canada, to help off-set the time it takes me to deal with customs forms – and in many cases the requirement that I actually take the package to the post office rather than scheduling it for pick-up.

Payment may be made via PayPal, credit card, layaway or personal check. Sales tax is 6.35% if I am shipping to a Connecticut address.

Rachel Hoffman’s Unboxing Event of Charlcie  ❤

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The Delores Smith Collection Auction at Withington’s on May 9th & 10th

IMG_2576 (2)
Delores, on April 12th, 2018, holding my Ismay. I used a mold of Ismay to create a reproduction Izannah Walker doll for Delores, based on her favorite Izannah “Ella”. ❤

Last year I had the opportunity to meet a very special person. Her name was Delores Smith. She was a quietly passionate doll lover, who not only collected, but created stunning clothing and accessories for her dolls.  Many of you may have known her through her job at Withington Auctions, where she was the doll specialist for 20 years. ❤

Delores asked me to make a reproduction Izannah Walker doll for her, based on Ella, a c. 1857 doll that she purchased in 2008 and later sold to another collector. The original Ella is a wonderful doll! Delores and I had such fun discussing all the little details of the doll I created for her. Together we sat down and looked through a box of antique fabrics that Delores had collected, weighing the pros and cons of each piece and finally deciding which should be used for the new doll’s dress.  Delores was such a delight to work for and I think she enjoyed our discussions about her doll as much as I did.

This is the finished doll I made for her ❤

IMG_4697 (2)

To see my original post about Delores’ doll click here.

There is a lovely article about Delores and her doll collection in the May issue of Antique Doll Collector magazine, which also tells the story of how she acquired the original Ella and a bit about the reproduction that I made for her.


On Thursday and Friday Withington Auction will be selling Delores’ amazing collection.


withington delores smith auction
Withington Auction May 9th & 10th auction of the Delores Smith Collection ❤

Click here to see the Withington Auction catalog.


Link to Withington Auction on facebook.


Link to Antique Doll Collector Magazine.

I loved the doll I made for Delores so much that I featured her in my ad for Izannah’s 201st birthday ❤

september 2018 ad

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A Work in Progress ~A New Reproduction Izannah Walker Doll Comes to Life

Three little Charlcie's sitting in a row
Works in progress… The very first three reproductions of Charlcie. ❤ When finished they should be 23 inches tall!


As many of you probably know, I’ve been busy working on reproducing a very special Izannah Walker doll to coincide with the June Virtual Doll Convention 

Here is a tiny update on how my first reproductions of Charlcie are coming along…
The two part molded cloth heads have been joined together, then sewed onto a fabric shoulder covering, which was then attached to the doll’s torsos. As of late yesterday afternoon they have had four very thin layers of oil color applied to their heads and shoulders, and have the color blocked in on their eyes, cheeks and eyebrows. None of the fine details have been painted on their features yet. Painted curls and three more layers of paint on all the “skin” areas still to go! ☺️

I’m very happy to be one of the sponsors for the June Virtual Doll Convention. If you’d like to know more about the convention click here: