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Lost in a Daydream of Past Childhoods…

In her recent past, this early Izannah Walker doll lived in an 18th century house, surrounded by a large family and an extensive collection of antique dolls. We recently welcomed her into our household. Hopefully she will feel at home, even though the pace of our days may be a bit quieter with fewer children, grandchildren, and dolls filling our lives…

Once again the earth has turned and November has come at last, drifting in on gently falling leaves and soft, warm rays of light…  More than any other month, November causes my soul to ring with echos of the past, and my thoughts meander to the people who have lived in my house and owned the things I love before me.  I dwell and marvel at small girls, turned to woman, with babes of their own, who played with the dolls I cherish.  I glory in the vibrant creativity of quilts, pieced by other hands and passed down through the years, to warm loved ones…  Days and hours slip away and gently flow into the past, where I allow myself to linger for a few brief hours, lost in a daydream of past childhoods. ❤

A meeting of long lost sisters… You can easily see the strong family resemblance in these dolls that range in size from 20 to 14 inches.



Making toast on a cool November morning, where it has been made countless times before in the past 225+ years… Using the toasting fork made by my son Blair, bringing a bit of the past and the present full circle…


7 thoughts on “Lost in a Daydream of Past Childhoods…

  1. She is a day dream for sure. Have you named her yet, or did she already have a name. She is perfection, actually they all are. Great seeing you Paula this past weekend at the Jenny Lind Doll Show.

    1. Mary,
      It was so nice to see you too! I hope you had a good trip home. Thank you! I’m considering naming her after one of my great grandmothers… I haven’t totally decided yet ❤

  2. She is truly a treasure, thank you for sharing. We are caretakers while we are here, to enjoy the past and share with the future.

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