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Looking forward to Thursday’s New Dolls

A few small glimpses of the dolls I’m making for Thursday’s rescheduled “Third Thursday”…



I hope you’ll come back at 12 noon, eastern standard time this Thursday, February 28th to meet this month’s new dolls. They love meeting people and  making new friends ❤

IMG_0810 (3)


The dolls will be offered for sale on a first come basis. The way it works is simple. If you would like to purchase one of the dolls, email me at I’ll go by the time stamp when I receive your email to determine whose request is first.

The dolls will be $1250.00 each, which includes free shipping to any address in the continental U.S. Dolls are mailed via USPS Priority Mail and are insured for their full value. International Orders  will be charged exact postage + a $10.00 handling fee for all international locations, except Canada, to help off-set the time it takes me to deal with customs forms – and in many cases the requirement that I actually take the package to the post office rather than scheduling it for pick-up.

Payment may be made via PayPal, credit card, personal check, or lay-away. Sales tax is 6.35% if I am shipping to a Connecticut address.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the snow on Thursday morning will be tolerable. If it is too bad I’ll need to chauffeur back and forth to nursery school. In that event, the dolls will still post at noon – but I won’t be able to access and answer emails right away. So it may be some time before you will know if you were the first person to request a particular doll…

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My February “Third Thursday” Release of New Dolls is Rescheduled to Thursday 2/28/19!

February calendar

February is a month of snow & ice here in New England… even more so this particular February.  Winter wonderland beauty brings it’s own challenges.


In deference to Mother Nature, and her dearest companion the Snow Queen, my February “Third Thursday” will be delayed 1 week and will be rescheduled for Thursday February 28th @ Noon Eastern Standard Time. Join me here at my Izannah Walker Journal as the dolls and I bid farewell to the month of February and introduce you to my newest reproduction Izannah Walker dolls available for sale ❤

The theme for this month’s dolls is small…

little things
… my inspiration for February’s dolls is little sisters ❤

Please check back here between now and February 28th for a few peeks of February’s dolls… and in the mean time enjoy the winter snow days that come your way!


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January’s Third Thursday Offerings ~ 0 New Dresses Available for Sale ~ All SOLD Thank you!

img_8413 (2)
Zanna and Hannah are modeling today ❤

It’s been a quick month so far! With holidays, birthdays and winter to contend with my working days have been a bit scarce… So no dolls this time around, but I do have three one  zero new dresses available ❤ Thank you for coming to visit and see this Third Thursday’s items! I do have more of both fabrics

Dress 1. Short gathered and tucked sleeves, lavishly trimmed in black velvet ribbons. ❤ Antique cotton fabric in a royal blue and black print on a warm buff colored background. $220.00 SOLD




Dresses 2 & 3. Long sleeved dresses made from antique black and white cotton prints, trimmed in  antique grosgrain ribbon. $220.00 each Dresses 2 & 3 are SOLD.

All dresses have 8 inch skirt lengths and 9 inch waists. Sold on a first come basis. Email me at to purchase. Paypal, credit cards, checks, or lay-away. Free shipping to U.S. addresses.

❤ ❤ ❤ I was asked if I have more of this fabric and if I could make additional dresses. Yes! I do have more of both fabrics and I can make more dresses in this size or smaller for Izzybelles & Annas, or larger for the Lamb sisters. ❤ ❤ ❤

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Third Thursday Offerings Will Be Posted at Noon Eastern Standard Time

sewing doll clothes

It feels as if January has hardly just begun… but it is time for “Third Thursday” already! I’ve been stitching, gathering, hemming & trimming all week long! Please come join us here at my Izannah Walker Journal at noon Eastern Standard Time, when I’ll be unveiling this month’s Third Thursday inventory. ❤

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An Unexpected Sick Day ~ November Third Thursday Postponed


m o d 8 (2)

😦 Unfortunately I am going to have to postpone tomorrow’s Third Thursday… I’ve pulled a muscle in my shoulder doing a bit too much last minute fall garden clean-up. So I suppose a better title to this post would be “An Unexpected Minor Injury Day” – LOL! I’ve been trying to sew and finish up tomorrow’s offerings, but it looks like that is just not going to happen. My stitching and painting are both horridly clumsy… So I’m giving up, taking some Advil and propping a heating pad on my shoulder. I should be better soon, and when that happens the dolls and I will either expand December’s Third Thursday or we’ll do something fun, perhaps a Christmas Pop Up Shop! ❤

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Welcome to October’s Third Thursday!!! One New Doll & Several Autumn Dresses Available for Purchase

All items sold on a “first come” basis. Email me at to purchase. Paypal, credit cards, checks or money orders accepted for payment. Lay-away may also be arranged. Free priority mail shipping & full insurance to any U.S address. International orders ~ exact postage + $10 handling fee to help off set the extra time required for international shipping. No handling fee for Canada.

❤ At the current time I am not accepting any more custom orders. Once I manage to work through my backlog, I’ll start taking orders again ❤ If you have a particular doll or dress on your “wish list”, comment below. I’ll take “wishes” into consideration when making items for future Third Thursdays!

I’ve posted a large album filled with more photos of Hannah and the Lamb sisters on facebook:

Hannah SOLD


This reproduction Izannah Walker doll, made from  mold of my original antique doll Hannah, is 18 inches tall. She has painted boots, a full set of under garments that include a petticoat made from antique striped French linen. Her wardrobe also features two dresses, both made from antique mid-19th century fabric. $1450.00

Two of the Lamb Sisters are also still available – $1575.00 each  SOLD

Miss D. Lamb and Miss A. Lamb
Miss D. Lamb, seated on the left and Miss A. Lamb, standing on the right, are both looking for new homes of their very own ❤ 20 inches $1575.00 each

Read more about them in this post –


Short Sleeved Dress – $200.00 SOLD



Long Sleeved Dress 2 Available – $225.00 each BOTH SOLD



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You Are Cordially Invited To My Third Thursday In October ~ Tomorrow October 18th at Noon Eastern Time

Third Thursday October
You are invited…

Please stop by at 12:00 p.m. Eastern time tomorrow, October 18th, for a small offering of items at my monthly release of reproduction Izannah Walker dolls and clothing. ❤ ❤ ❤