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An Unexpected Sick Day ~ November Third Thursday Postponed


m o d 8 (2)

😦 Unfortunately I am going to have to postpone tomorrow’s Third Thursday… I’ve pulled a muscle in my shoulder doing a bit too much last minute fall garden clean-up. So I suppose a better title to this post would be “An Unexpected Minor Injury Day” – LOL! I’ve been trying to sew and finish up tomorrow’s offerings, but it looks like that is just not going to happen. My stitching and painting are both horridly clumsy… So I’m giving up, taking some Advil and propping a heating pad on my shoulder. I should be better soon, and when that happens the dolls and I will either expand December’s Third Thursday or we’ll do something fun, perhaps a Christmas Pop Up Shop! ❤

4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Sick Day ~ November Third Thursday Postponed

  1. Hope you feel better soon!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Marilyn, Pearl and Adah

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  2. Poor you! I am sorry ~ a nice soak in the tub might feel good, too ❤ Is that your watercolor above? If so, it is so charming!!! and looks a lot like a favorite ~ Kate Greenway ~ Feel better, my friend!

  3. Nothing earth shattering 🙂 Just annoying enough to keep me from doing what I wanted to do today… and bothersome enough to make my work messy. So rather than ruin anything that was almost finished, I just stopped. Now that you mention it soaking in the tub does sound appealing…. Too bad I’d either have to move 100 lbs. of birdseed out of one tub, or clean plaster dust out of the other! LOL

    I can not take credit for the illustration. It is from an antique c. 1900 ish book that one of my volunteers at the museum owned. It was falling apart and missing pages, but oh so charming… I scanned several of the pages to use for a children’s dolly tea party we did as a fund raiser. 🙂

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