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Treasure Hunting

Last Thursday my husband, Brian, and I went to Brimfield, MA for the day.  We spent seven and a half hours walking through the fields that border the main street of the town, shopping for antiques.

We managed to unearth some fabulous ‘treasures”.  Among our finds were a handful of the painted milk glass buttons that I use on my Izannah dresses.   I was able to purchase both brown and purple rimmed buttons for $1 each, but I had to pay $2 for pink ones.

My other sewing and doll related goodies include a vintage velvet pincushion, two wonderful, very early, 19th century samplers, a sweet mid-19th century cloth doll, a small gray doll chair – just the right size for an Izannah , a mohair terrier, and a whole bag full of millinery flowers, ribbons and trims.

I rounded off my shopping by buying a tiny glass vase, a purple transferware plate, an extremely heavy concrete planter in the shape of a woman’s head,  a surprise Christmas gift for a dear friend (no I can’t say what it is), and half a dozen vintage aprons.

Obviously if you have a chance you should go to one of Brimfield’s thrice annual antique sales, held in May, July and September each year.  Some years I don’t buy much at all, and other times I fill up the van, but it is always enjoyable.  Just be sure to wear comfortable shoes!

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