Stray Comments


My cat an I have differing opinions about what is helpful and what isn’t.  Apparently he decided that today was “Help Your Person Sew Day”.

This cat is not as much of a doll lover as some of my cats have been.  When I first started collecting dolls, I was soon forced to keep all of my antique bisque dolls safely locked behind glass doors.  It turned out the Patience, the cat I had at that time, had a fetish for mohair wigs!

Later when I started making large child size cloth dolls, Quince, another of my cats, would curl up and sleep in the laps of any of the dolls seated in a chair.  The only drawback to this cozy arrangement was that she chewed on their fingers before she went to sleep.

Ratbert isn’t at all sure that he even likes dolls.  After all, doll making uses up a lot of time that could be better spent lavishing attention on a cat!  As far as he is concerned the only good thing about doll making is all of the antique fabric.  Now that is something a cat can really love!

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