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My Latest Doll


Here are photos of the doll that I just finished.  She is already spoken for, but if you are smitten with her, you may order a doll just like her.  The fabrics that I used for her clothing are all antique, so they are one of a kind, with the exception of the striped linen in her petticoat, which I do have more of.  I also have some similar double pink fabric, both antique and new, which would both  make up wonderfully into dresses like this one.

If you would like to order a doll, please email me at or call 860-355-5709.

2 thoughts on “My Latest Doll

  1. Hi Paula,
    She is so cute, does she have a name. I love her dress (love pink) plus her petticoats are so lovely. Shs’s such a sweetie.
    Suzanne B.

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