Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll · Where to Shop

Two Dolls Available

Black Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll in Cheddar Print Dress

This doll is dressed in a gown  made from a reproduction cotton print fabric. It is a scaled down copy of a child’s dress in my collection. Her chemise is made of antique linen and trimmed in antique eyelet.  Her pantalettes were made from a worn out vintage sheet, antique lace and antique button.  She is wearing an antique petticoat that I cleaned and restored. I fashioned an apron out of scraps of an antique “cheddar” print fabric.  I also made her a necklace of coral colored beads.

$925.00 with free shipping to US addresses.

Black Reproduction Izannah Walker Doll in Pink Dress

This doll is wearing a reproduction of one of the original dresses worn by my antique Izannah Walker dolls.  It is made from a wonderful antique pink and white homespun check fabric.  Under her dress she is wearing a chemise, pantalettes and an antique petticoat.

I made her sunbonnet of antique double pink calico.  The bonnet is a doll sized version of an antique bonnet in my collection.  The brim is stiffened with individually cut strips of cardboard.

$925.00 with free shipping to US addresses.

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