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Dolls Fresh Out of My Studio and Available Now

These are the dolls I have available for sale at the moment.  Please feel free to call or email me if you are interested in buying one of them, or if you have any questions or would like to see additional photos.   860-355-5709   Click on any photo to enlarge.

SOLD 16 inch tall reproduction Izannah Walker boy. Made with a pressed cloth head, just like Izannah Walker made her dolls. The mold for this doll was taken directly from one of my original antique Izannah Walker dolls. $1250
SOLD Another view of 16 inch reproduction Izannah Walker boy. He is wearing a pleated linen tunic and trousers, plus a linen chemise.
SOLD Here is how he looks underneath it all. Notice his red topped painted boots and vintage red polished cotton second skin.
18 inch reproduction Izannah Walker doll. An all cloth doll, made with a pressed cloth head, just like Izannah Walker did. She is filled with organic cotton stuffing, which is equivalent to that used in the originals. $1250
Full view of 18 inch Izannah Walker reproduction doll. She is wearing a dress made from antique “double pink” calico. Underneath her dress is a chemise, patelettes, two petticoat and painted shoes.
Detail of 18 inch reproduction Izannah Walker doll’s hand.
SOLD 18 inch reproduction Izannah Walker doll dressed in unused antique indigo calico dress. This sweet dreamy girl wears a strand of red coral beads around her neck, underneath her gown she is dressed in a lace trimmed chemise and pantalettes, plus an antique petticoat. All cloth construction, with pressed cloth head made in the manner that Izannah Walker made her original dolls. $1250

SOLD Close-up of reproduction Izannah Walker doll in indigo dress.
SOLD Detail of curls and the back of her head.
SOLD Painted boots with scalloped tops, trimmed in red.

Design Your Own Doll

I have one doll that is ready to be dressed.  Here is your chance to pick and choose amongst my antique fabrics to get just the right outfit for the Izannah that you have always wanted!  You may select the fabrics, style of dress, chemise, pantalettes and petticoat.  Additionally you may choose the color of her second skin and pick between bare feet and painted boots.  $1250 complete.

If you love making your own doll clothes, it would be possible to purchase the finished doll without clothing and with a copy of my Izannah Walker Doll Clothes Pattern.  Call or email me to inquire if you are interested in this option.

18 inch reproduction all cloth Izannah Walker doll, with pressed cloth head. All ready for you to choose her finishing details. You pick her clothing fabrics and styles.
Reproduction Izannah Walker doll with two curls in front of each ear and short cropped hair at the nape of her neck.

A Fantastic Deal

Here are two wonderful black reproduction Izannah Walker dolls.  I enjoyed making these doll immensely, but sadly they have turned out not to be  as popular as I had hoped.  Apparently there must have been a reason that Izannah Walker made so few black dolls :) These two young ladies are looking for a new home and to speed them on their way I’m offering them to you at half the cost of their sisters.  This is a wonderful chance to get a very special doll at a very good price.

SOLD Black reproduction Izannah Walker doll. 18 inches tall, all cloth, fully dressed.
SOLD 18 inch black reproduction Izannah Walker doll. Fully dressed, all cloth doll without the bonnet.

You may also commission custom made dolls, call or email to discuss all of your options.

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