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Red Hot Summer! This Doll is Now SOLD – Thank You

The last few days have been scorchingly hot here in Connecticut!  Much too warm to garden, or work on the antique cupboards that I’m in the midst of cleaning and painting.  So I have been distracting myself from the heat by making doll clothes.  Which has worked pretty well for several hours at a time, once I finally made allowances for the heat.  It’s been too hot to sew in both my new studio and my sewing room, so I wandered around the house until I found the least stifling hot room and set up a sewing machine.  After all, that is why God made portable sewing machines 🙂

My newly claimed sewing area was not without it’s problems.  First off, I needed a flat surface to plop the sewing machine on.  I didn’t want to haul anything heavy or have to move furniture too far.   I wound up grabbing a child size Mission oak desk that was the nearest thing to hand.  Not ideal, but I was starting to work up a sweat, so I didn’t really care.

Next it was time to plug in the machine and get it threaded.  Oops!  No bobbin in the machine.  That meant a trek out to my studio through the blazing sun to get one.  I grabbed two, just for good measure and came back in the house.

With the machine finally threaded, I started sewing on some glorious early brown and red stripped fabric that I had chosen to make an Izzy dress.  More problems, the tension on the Singer Featherweight I was using was off and the machine was skipping stitches.  There ensued a small pause for the removal of the offending stitches and tension adjustment.  Back to sewing… and still skipping stitches!!!  Reread the last two sentences a few times and you’ll begin to see why I trooped back out to my studio to get a different Featherweight!  Good thing I have a spare 🙂  Once I cooled down and gulped a glass of iced tea I finally got to sew!

I am quite pleased with the way the dress is turning out and once it’s finished I’m planning to make a Turkey red sunbonnet to go with it, as well as a red embroidered apron.  I had such a good time sorting through my antique fabrics and picking out just the right ones, that I almost managed to forget I was hot 🙂

I hope that where ever you are that you’ve managed to find a moderately cool spot of your own.  This doll has been sold.  Thank you for stopping by to look at her:)

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