Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

Denise’s Doll

I’ve just finished the doll that I have been making for Denise.  Here are some of the photos that I have taken to remember her by.

Patiently waiting for the glue on her shoes to dry...
She is dressed in layers of pure white.
Two ringlets in front of each ear and seven across the nape of her neck.
Tiny bare toes, hand knit socks and hand made leather shoes.
Her shoes have scalloped tops and hand dyed silk ribbon laces.
Notice the tiny hand sewn stitches along her shoe soles...

Click on any of the smaller photos to enlarge.  If you are using Firefox you can also zoom in by pressing Ctrl and + .

Post script

I’ve just received the most lovely note from Denise, which I am sharing so that I can say how very special  my customers are and how happy it makes me to create my dolls for them.  I am truly blessed.

“Thank you so much, Paula!!  My doll is home, and just wonderful in every way!  I love how you did her dress with chemise peeking out, her shoes, her curls, everything.  You must be the incarnation of Izannah!  I’m so happy to have her, and thank you again.

One last parting gift, a keepsake coral necklace.

2 thoughts on “Denise’s Doll

  1. Hi Paula, She’s beautiful!!!! I’m sure her new mom is going to absolutely love her! Hope to hear from you soon…All my best wishes for a wonderful week! Charlotte

    1. Hi Charlotte,

      Thank you! She is going to be traveling to a terrific new home and a wonderful mom.

      I hope you have a fantastic week as well. Keep your fingers crossed that mine is spectacular, because most of it is going to be spent working on your doll:)


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