Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

Charlotte’s Doll

Charlotte’s doll is almost ready to begin her journey to her new home.  She’s just waiting for her pedicure to dry 🙂  It’s raining here , which is glorious for the flowers but not so wonderful for drying varnish!  So she currently is resting with her feet up, luxuriating in the cool breeze from a fan.


2 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Doll

  1. Paula,
    I can hardly believe that this little sweetie is going to be mine! She is exactly as imagined her to be. She looks absolutely divine in her darling spring dress and antique beaded necklace! I love the detailing in the sleeves and the big tuck in her skirt.
    She already has a spot in my heart knowing what a wonderful person it is that created her and the happy memories this will bring me every time I look at her. Thank you so much for taking so much care and dedication put into each doll – making so sure that the one that comes is the fulfillment of our every dream and desire. I will treasure her always!! Charlotte

  2. Charlotte,

    Making her for you has truly been a joy! Your remarkably clear vision regarding the Izannah of your dreams has been such a huge help. You are a wonderful, ideal customer. I LOVE this doll and could not be happier to know that she is going to such a good home 🙂


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