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The Way it Was… My 2012 Izannah Retreat Part 2

The gang’s all here for Part 2! We lost Peggy , but we gained Mary 🙂
Mary, Susie, Vicki, me, and Charlotte.
Wondering about the second part of my recent Izannah retreat?  This is the condensed version of days 4-6.

Mary working on her dolls during the retreat.
Vicki is busy painting, while Charlotte takes precautions to avoid sanding dust and paint fumes.
Susie braving the rain to head head outside to a sanding station.
Vicki’s doll is a cause for smiles 🙂
Comparing Vicki’s doll to my collection of antique Izannahs.
Charlotte’s doll has such a sweet, wistful expression.
Packing Susie’s doll for a safe trip home.
Time out for lunch and photos. Vicki’s husband treated us all to pizza on the last day, which meant I got to skip cooking! Charlotte’s husband came for lunch too. The husbands were all very good sports about the fact that class NEVER ended on time. We always ran late, sometimes as much as 2 hrs.!!!
Even more photos! You can never have too many photos to help you recall the good times had with new friends 🙂
Susie’s doll.
Would I do it again?  In a heartbeat, if I could talk all of these wonderful ladies into coming back!  Seriously, I can not tell you how much I enjoyed getting to know everyone and learning how very much we are alike.  Six days was not enough time!  We could have used twice as long for doll making, talking, sharing, making up amusing stories about our dolls and celebrating the wonderful legacy of Izannah Walker and her dolls.
The retreat was a lot of work, which took the help of my entire family, months of preparation, and two carpenters to pull off.  I’m not sure if I will be having another one, but if I do and you think you would be interested in coming to New Milford, CT to attend, send me an email at Paula@asweetremembrance.com.  I’ll put you on my mailing list and send you advance notice of any future retreats and classes.


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