Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

Paula’s Doll

I’d like to ask everyone to keep Paula and her family in your thoughts.  They lost their home to Sandy.  Fortunately I hadn’t mailed Paula’s doll yet because of the storm, so she is safe and secure, just waiting to join Paula once she and her family find a new home.

These are photographs of the doll that I have just finished for Paula (no not me – I know it’s confusing, so if it helps you can think of her as Paula Too – I get to be the first Paula because I am older – LOL).

I’m in the midst of putting the final stitches in her shoes, then I need to trim their edges into neat scallops, apply their soles and lace up their ribbon ties… after that she is all done!!!


Making this doll for Paula has been such a joy.  During the process I have made a new friend and “pen pal”, had the opportunity to chat about dolls, learn more about Hittys, compare notes on raising three sons and so much more 🙂  On top of everything else, Paula chose to have her doll made from the molds of my first antique Izannah, which I don’t get the chance to make quite as often – so that made creating this doll even more pleasurable 🙂   Getting to make special dolls for wonderful people is why  love what I do!

… did you notice that she has blue eyes???

8 thoughts on “Paula’s Doll

  1. Paula – you have made another outstanding doll! You are an amazing artist – I love to see each new doll! I’m sure this new doll will go a long way in cheering her new owner! I so enjoyed seeing the pictures of the doll retreat! Susie

    1. Susie,
      Thank you 🙂 I hope that this doll raises Paula’s spirits. For now she is still here with me, but hopefully Paula will be settled soon and I can send the doll to her.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the retreat photos. I have a few more to post at some point… and I haven’t forgotten that I promised to post recipes too!


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