Wishing You a Very Happy Christmas Eve!


Wishing you all the best from our home to yours for Christmas 2012!

This large papier-mache boy was a present from my husband several Christmases ago.  He is wearing a "new" dress for Christmas that I just bought for him from Edyth O'Neill. It arrived today and I couldn't wait to try it on him.

This large papier-mache boy was a present from my husband several Christmases ago. He is wearing a “new” dress for Christmas that I just bought for him from Edyth O’Neill. It arrived today and I couldn’t wait to try it on him.

*Edyth O’Neill is the author of my all time favorite rug hooking book “Rugs for My Red Cape“.  She also has a lovely blog full of beautiful photos of her home and dolls plus another site where she  sells  antique dolls and other  selected antiques.

~ by paulawalton on December 24, 2012.

6 Responses to “Wishing You a Very Happy Christmas Eve!”

  1. Merry Christmas Paula,
    Love the color of your little guys new dress. I bet he was very pleased that he got a great outfit for Christmas.

    Charlcie will be arriving tomorrow.

    Takecare, Suzanne B.

    • Thank you Suzanne and Merry Christmas to you too! His dress is a great Turkey red with black dots. It replaces his old dress, which was red with white dots – I guess red must just be his color 🙂

      I’ve been hoping that she would get to you tomorrow. Luckily I was able to get her into the mail yesterday, thanks to one of my terrific mail carriers (I have two who switch off and both of them are really wonderful mailmen).

  2. Goodmorning Paula, Just thought you’d like to know that Charlcie made it to Hornell and she’s out riding around town in the mail truck. I bet she’s cold and tired from her journey.

    I love the color Turkey red. Does your little guy have a name?


    • So far, so good. She’s close now! I hope she enjoys her ride 🙂

      No, he doesn’t have a name. Somewhere along the line I got out of the habit of naming all of my dolls, so that only the dolls I’ve had since I was a child have names.

      I used to name every bear and doll I made and write short stories about them. Then I went through a phase where the name I gave them was more along the lines of a title like those of a painting. Now I’m mostly just using descriptive titles. You never know though, I may go full circle and get back to real names and stories. It is a fun thing to do 🙂


  3. Charlcie, arrived this afternoon just as it started to snow. Oh, I just love her. I’ve never had a Izannah Walker doll before or even seen one. She is just the right size and I love holding her.

    Right now she has made two new friends and they are sitting together in a chair. One little girl is a very early Sasha doll made in Germany her name is Julie and the other little girl is a 19″ Kathe Kruse (new) and she also came to me from Germany her name is Barbara. The girls are becomeing good friends.

    I am so glad Charlcie has come to live with us she is a very sweet little girl and seems to love being her at number 371.

    It’s been quite a day..

    Suzanne & Charlcie

  4. Suzanne,

    I’m so happy that Charlcie has found new friends and is making herself right at home. I think that she is just the perfect size too. Just right for cuddling!


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