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A Special Treat for a Snowy Day

Making snow ice cream.
Making snow ice cream.

Today is the perfect day to indulge in one of the forgotten pleasures of winter, snow ice cream!  During the night, while we slept, snow continued to fall from the sky, aided on it’s earthward journey by brisk winds that swirled it around tree trunks and blew it into every corner.  We awoke this morning to a world thickly frosted in a foot of snow.

12 inches

Clean unblemished snow is plentifully available every where I look…


Making snow ice cream is one of the traditions of my childhood.  Every now and then, on nostalgic snowy days, I relive a bit of my past and make it again.  I first posted the recipe two years ago, during another snowy New England winter, on my 18th Century Home Journal blog. 

Today my kitchen helper and I decided that it was high time to treat ourselves to another batch!  Here is the recipe for any of you who would like to join in.  If you aren’t living in the land of ice and snow, you can use an ice shaver that is used to make Hawaiian Ice to turn ice cubes into “snow”.

Snow Ice Cream

fresh clean snow



vanilla or other flavoring*

Put in as much milk as you would like to achieve the consistency that you prefer.  The sugar and vanilla are added to suit your taste.  Stir well and eat immediately.

* We used a combination of vanilla extract and ground vanilla beans, which is why you see tiny brown flecks in the close-up photos.

snow ice cream 1snow ice cream 2

snow ice cream 3snow ice cream 4

snow ice cream5

Delicious to the very last bite!

snow ice cream 6

Time to move the creativity from the kitchen to the studio...
Time to move the creativity from the kitchen to the studio…

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