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Letters from Martha – Her Thoughts About My Izannah Walker Doll Making Class

she only wanted to write a letter www.izannahwalker.com

For the past few days I’ve been exchanging notes with Martha Bishop, a dedicated and prolific doll maker who is a member of my Izannah Walker Doll Making Class.  We started out talking about one of Martha’s dolls Taloulah, then as is often the case, our conversation moved on to other topics.  Martha’s correspondence warmed my heart and has given me a little glow that I’ve been carrying around with me ever since.  People like Martha are why I love teaching! With her permission, here are some excerpts from her emails:

... “I wanted to tell you that a lot of people have been trying to figure out how to make doll heads using molds.  I’ve told them many times that I came to you to teach me how to do this, and it was one of the most important things I could have done for myself.  After taking your class I was able to do what I wanted, without still floundering around with unanswered questions.  I have directed them to you and encouraged them to take your classes.  I don’t know if anyone takes my advice, but it is what so many people need to do.  People are stubborn and waste time and money trying to figure out how to do things themselves without the benefit of a knowledgeable teacher.  Just wanted you to know that. 

“I saw your article in Prims with your three Izannah dolls.  They did a good job, but then the dolls were beautiful.  It was very nice.  I am looking forward to the Alabama Baby class.  I have read it and intend to get started before too long.  These dolls appeal to me in a big way too, especially the black ones.  I’m sure I will have lots of questions when I start.

… “I think you should put my comment on your sites, wherever you want.  I am glad to let people know that there is help for them, and this class you teach is the best and only place I know of to get the training to make an authentic Izannah Walker doll, made the way Izannah made them.  I’ve told people that it’s not just about making a molded head, it’s a comprehensive course that includes so much more about making the dolls, that they would need just as much as mold making . Please use this where ever you want to.  I am glad to help.  It’s all true. 

P.S. the cost of the course is nothing compared to all (they) will benefit from it in every way.   

Love,  Martha”

Thank you Martha, your words are good for my soul!

If you are a fan of Prims magazine, you may be familiar with Martha’s work.  Her Jack & Jill were featured in the Autumn 2012 issue.  To see and read about Martha’s dolls visit her blog www.martha-maboriginals.blogspot.com and her selling site www.maboriginals.com .  Make sure to read Taloulah’s story!

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