Antique Izannah Walker Dolls

Lovely Antique Izannah Walker Doll Sold on eBay this Afternoon

There was a wonderful antique Izannah Walker doll very briefly available for sale on eBay today.  It was only up long enough to get 29 views before it sold for $10,500.00.  If you didn’t get a chance to even see this doll before it was gone, here is the link to the auction.

19″ Antique Early Izannah Walker Doll

With Long Side Curls Ca. Mid 1800’s

4 thoughts on “Lovely Antique Izannah Walker Doll Sold on eBay this Afternoon

  1. Hi Paula – wow – this doll must not have been posted for very long – I try to check often on eBay, but I certainly didn’t see this one when it was posted. Was she a “buy it now”? However, when I clicked on the link that you provided, the eBay listed doll turns out to be the same doll that I saw this past Saturday at the Gaithersburg doll show! I often try to attend the Gaithersburg doll shows whenever I can, as it is only an hour away, and it was fun to see this Izannah Walker doll. She is in fairly good shape considering her age! She has had a major head repair, and some repainting on her face – particularly her eyes. But she was restored very professionally, and whoever the lucky buyer is certainly has a wonderful treasure! This doll does bring to mind a question that I have for you. Her flesh has a very pink tone, and so I’m wondering, how varied is the skin tones on Izannah walker dolls? Thanks for posting the eBay link. Susie

    1. Hi Susie,

      She was “buy it now”. What a coincidence! How great that you got to see her in person. The skin tones do vary a bit, Usually they are either flesh tone (but not too pink) or a slightly greyed white flesh. When I looked at the photos of this doll, it looked to me like she might have cloth bands added to her legs as repair. So I think she may have a lot of repaint on her arms and legs… just a guess though since it’s hard to tell from photos.


  2. Hi Paula – Edyth O’Neill is the new owner of the Izannah Walker doll that was on eBay last week. This doll is now pictured on the Izannah Walker Chronicles website, and you will be able to get a better look at the pink colored flesh that I asked you about. She is a sweet Izannah and looks cute in the pictures of her in her petticoat. Susie

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