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Maxine’s Doll

Maxine's doll...Remember Me...izannahwalker.com

I’ve finally finished Maxine’s doll!  The last stitches are in place, her clothes are freshly laundered, and her photographs have been taken and are on the way to Maxine for her approval.  I’m really pleased with the way she turned out, I hope Maxine is too! Due to one thing and another she took me 125 hours to complete, which is much longer than the 80 to 100 hours that most of my dolls average.  I think that the extra time was worthwhile.  I love the look of depth in her paint.  It has a wonderful appearance in person that I wish I could capture with my camera, but I’m not that expert of a photographer.

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3 thoughts on “Maxine’s Doll

  1. Hi Paula – Maxine’s doll turned out beautifully! I’m sure Maxine will be more than pleased, just as I have been with the beautiful dolls you have made for me! I love the ribbon trim on the dress. It is so much fun to see each one of your beautiful new dolls! Thanks for posting pictures for us all to enjoy! Susie

  2. Oh Susie, thank you! I hope she likes her… it’s always rather nerve-wracking to work on custom dolls. I’m awfully fond of velvet ribbon trim too 🙂 I’ve stocked up on brown and black ribbons and I’m planning on using a lot more of it. Now if I could only find some thin wool challis to use with the ribbon!

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