Savannah Packs Her Trunk

IMsavannah www.izannahwalker.comG_7685Today Savannah has been busy packing her trunk.  She will soon be immigrating to Canada to live with her big sister.

savannah close-up

It's always nice to have a little help from a friend.

It’s always nice to have a little help from a friend.


holding hands

~ by paulawalton on July 11, 2013.

4 Responses to “Savannah Packs Her Trunk”

  1. So sweet … and the photos say it all.

  2. Thank you Connie!

  3. Hi Paula!
    I can’t believe she’s coming to live with Abby. :)) Abby is quite lonely so this will be very exciting for her! Savannah’s gorgeous – I couldn’t be more pleased with how she turned out!!! She actually looks quite sad to have to leave her sister there…Thank you so much Paula! I am getting really excited to have her come live with us her in Canada. I will take lots of pics of her arrival. Hugs, Charlotte

  4. Charlotte,
    I couldn’t ask for a better home for Savannah!!! She is so looking forward to her new home with you and Abby. She is sad to leave her sweet (as yet unnamed) friend, but they have promised to be pen pals and are sure that they will be able to endure their parting as long as they know they can write and share photographs with each other.
    ❤ Paula

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