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Look For Me at The Jenny Lind Doll Club Doll Show on Sunday, October 20th


On Sunday I will be exhibiting at the 25th annual Jenny Lind Doll Club Doll Show at the

Crowne Plaza hotel, 1284 Strongtown Road, Southbury, CT.  If you would like more

information about the show you may call Joan Falvey at (860) 628-8896  or

203-598-7600.  The show runs from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Admission for Adults is $6.00 and $1.00 for children. There is a coupon for $1.00 off

your admission  here .


I will have a few new dolls available for sale, plus a wonderful selection of antique Izannah

size doll furniture.  I will also be taking orders for custom made dolls

and will have examples with me of most of my dolls for you to see in person.   I’d love to see

you there!

I have a great selection of doll dressers that are just perfect for storing your Izzy's wardrobe.
I have a great selection of doll dressers that are just perfect for storing your Izzy’s wardrobe.

4 thoughts on “Look For Me at The Jenny Lind Doll Club Doll Show on Sunday, October 20th

  1. Hi Paula, I was just going to email you so it was nice to open up my emails and see yours. It just so happens Chris and I are coming to CT. for the Jenny Lind Doll Club Show. We try to attend as many as we can in the north. There are so many shows all winter in FL. when we are there that we go to. I happened to see the show listed in this months Antique Doll Collector. We are staying right at the Crown Plaza for Sat, Sun, and checking out on Mon. Will you be setting up on Saturday? Is Brian coming with you? It would be great to get together with you afterwards, although I know you will be exhausted after the show, I know I would be. Is this a large show and a large club? Last weekend we went to The Shaker Doll Club Show in Albany. They have a large 2 room show and are always looking for new members. At the show I met Diane Doyle Parrish. She is the granddaughter of Marietta Adams and the grand niece of Emma Adams, the creators of the Columbian Dolls. Diane had a table set up in the hall selling her brand new book “The Story of the Columbian Dolls” “How the Adams Sisters saved the Farm”. I bought the book and she signed it and wrote something nice to me inside. The book sells for $49.95 on Amazon but she was selling it for only $35.00 at the show. Diane is a member of several doll clubs including Doll Collectors of America. Jean Groat from my doll club also belongs and mentioned she may be able to get extra copies from Diane next month at their meeting. I thought of purchasing an extra book for our club library. The book includes Civil War and Post-Civil War Letters. I sit up reading it during our quiet time in the evening. It’s hard to close the book up. So many wonderful photos too. Diane also had one of the family Columbian Dolls on the table with her. I told her I have one that is stamped on the back with the Emma Adams stamp, with the painting done by Emma. She told me these dolls are so rare. I’ve noticed in the book other stamps by Marietta Adams. There are Columbian Dolls painted by another artist other than Emma. My doll is stamped Emma and I know the style of her painting. The other artist style has a very different nose. It makes me happy to know that 2 of my american cloth dolls are very rare styles. As you can tell I really get into the history of the dolls and their artists. I look forward to seeing you at your table and the items you are selling. I’m always in search of furniture for my dolls and doll related items, as well any other cloth dolls. My next wish is to find a smaller size Martha Chase, Alabama Baby and Philadelphia Baby. I also look forward to meeting members to the Jenny Lind Doll Club. This weekend is going to be a real treat for me. If you can think of any antique shops you think I may be interested in this area of CT. let me know as Chris and I will be there for a few days. I have some cute Halloween photos to post on the Izannah Walker blog. It’s my next thing to do. I also want to email a photo of my Columbian doll to Diane Doyle Parrish with her book along side of the doll. It’s lunch time already. We still have apples that are good on the trees. I have made a total 0f 70 pints of applesauce so far and it’s the end for me, I won’t be making anymore. Now I’m working on making applesauce breads and freezing it. I wasn’t able to get any large zucchini’s this year like I did last year, so it will be applesauce breads everyone gets this year. We have already started collecting baking supplies for the family Christmas Nut Roll we make every year, it takes 8 lbs. of walnuts among lots of butter and sweetened condensed milk so we start early before all the walnuts are sold out. I’ll end now and see you over on the blog. Fondly, Mary Goddard.

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  2. Hi Mary,

    How nice! It will be wonderful to see you! The show is a nice one. I’ve gone to it for years and bought some very nice dolls there. This is the first time I’m selling there. The show is usually one large room, with extra vendors in the hallway. I think that the chairpersons reported about 25 dealers were signed up as of a month ago. There are probably a few more by now. I bought a very sweet spun cotton ornament at this show a few years ago. Maybe there will be a few more this year.

    It’s interesting that you would mention Alabama Babies and Martha Chase dolls, as one of my Alabama Babies and one of my Martha Chase were purchased at Jenny Lind shows! I also came very close to buying a Philadelphia Baby there one year.

    I’ll have to be on the look out for the Columbian doll book. It sounds fascinating. Have you seen the two Columbian dolls at the Wenham museum? I had a chance to see them when I was there earlier this month. They were outstanding! The original one from the Columbian Exposition is there, but I actually preferred the other one they have which is a bit larger and dressed in white.

    Brian isn’t going to the show. He will be in Stafford Springs at a car show shopping for parts for a 1970 Challenger that we just bought. I’ll tell you the car story on Sunday 🙂 I imagine that I am going to be pretty much dead to the world after the show. I usually come home and collapse, sleep for two days and then get up and start back to work. This is a tough week. None of the dolls I’m taking to the show are finished yet, so I’m sewing and painting like someone possessed! I’m not sleeping much (which is something that always happens before I do a show). I don’t have the doll furniture tagged yet and I’m desperately trying to update my website and blogs, since the Early American Life issue with our house in it is just starting to get to all of the subscribers and will be on newsstands on the 22nd. The set up for the show is on Sunday morning, so it will be a very early start for me. I wish everything wasn’t so hectic, because it would be lovely to sit and visit for an evening…

    I’ll put my thinking cap on and get back to you about antique shops.

    I’m so impressed by all your canning, baking and freezing! Most of mine is still on my to-do list 🙂


  3. Hi Paula! Oh my goodness, where to start? First off, I love your new photos on your home page! I can’t wait to see your home featured in the new issue of Early American Life! Congratulations – that’s just really fabulous! I know it was so much work for you to get your home ready for the photographers, but I want you to know that it was well worth it – seeing your beautiful home at Christmastime will be such a pleasure for Early American Life readers! I just simply can’t wait to see that issue! With the move, I let my subscription lapse, so I hope I can find the issue at the bookstore. I need to get my subscription going again. Also, how much do I wish that I could attend the Jenny Lind Doll show? I would love to see you there, and to be able to see your display and the wonderful things you are offering. Be sure to take lots of pictures to post for those of us who can’t be there in person! Good luck and travel safely – I look forward to seeing your home featured in the magazine, and pictures from the doll show! Thanks for all you do! Love, Susie

    1. Susie,

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will take lots and lots of photos. Just keep your fingers crossed for me that I actually have some dolls finished!!! I have a studio full of arms, legs and heads, a huge stack of under wear and am trying to make dresses for everyone… plus all the dolls still need to be put together 🙂 I had to stop sewing last night and this morning to post on my blogs and write up all of the descriptions for the antique doll furniture and antique samplers that Brian is currently in the midst of adding to my website.

      Let me know if you have trouble finding a copy of the magazine. If necessary your new Isabeau can bring one with her when she comes at Christmas.


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