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A Cold and Snowy Start to the New Year


Here in New England 2014 has begun with a clean slate of swirling white snow.  Today’s high temperature was 9 degrees, which made it a challenge to keep the studio stove stoked with enough wood. You know that winter has the world firmly in it’s grasp when the kerosine in your oil lamp turns to ice!





4 thoughts on “A Cold and Snowy Start to the New Year

  1. Oh, it is bitterly cold and snowy here in western Ohio with more snow and lower temps on the way. It would be great IF we didn’t have to leave the house!

    1. One more very cold night for us, then a small respite, before more frigid temperatures on Tuesday. I’m going to try to paint on Monday and Tuesday when it is warmer, then move the dolls into the house to dry. Since a wood stove is the only heat in my studio it freezes overnight!

  2. Paula, I love the photos, looks much like it does here in VT. A big snow storm is on it’s way here on Tuesday as well. My mother lost her heat this week. Luckily the furnace men came the next day to repair the problem. Everyone keep warm, safe, and check on the ones you love that they are alright and have what they need. God Bless and, Happy New Year to All. Fondly, Mary Goddard.

    1. Mary,

      It’s going to be warmer here tomorrow and Monday, so we are just going to get rain, then drop down to 13 degrees during the day on Tuesday and 5 degrees that night. Looks like the snow will be missing us this time around and staying further north with you.

      Thankfully all the roads were cleared so that my doll club could meet today. They had already postponed the meeting once, since it snowed on the day it was previously scheduled for in December. Since this was my third official meeting I’m now a full fledged member of the Jenny Lind Doll Club and the UFDC!

      I’m so glad your mother was able to get her furnace repaired quickly! We’ve had ours break before at this time of year and I know how miserable it is.

      I hope you, Pauline and Anna stay safe and warm during this next snow. The girls may need to get out their wool and flannel petticoats!


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