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Today is Red Shoe Day!

red shoes

It is a bitterly cold snowy day here in Connecticut!  Far too cold to try to keep my studio warm enough to work in.  Instead I am seated in my parlor, hand stitching tiny red shoes.  My parlor is a cozy place to be on a winters day, while a frigid wind teases at the two-century old window frames and blows tiny gusts of icy cold air into the room to remind me why I am glad to be indoors.  winter studio

Making little shoes is a delicate, slow project, just right for this time of year.  I am making two pairs of red shoes, each a bit different, for two very loved a cossetted dolls.  They should be finished in time for the dolls to wear them for Valentine’s Day.

Red leather silk trimmed shoes

6 thoughts on “Today is Red Shoe Day!

  1. 23 January, 2014 Dear Paula, I have been meaning to write and tell you that I have named my wonderful Izannah doll–Adah, in honor of my dear Great-grandmother, Adah is sitting on her rustic wood settee, which as soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for her and it is!! She is next to the bear that I told you about last month, the bear from Wells, Maine and several other bears and old toys so she is not lonely. Adah and her new friends face the west and can look out to see our wonderful Arizona sunsets and keep track of the weather. Your photos of ice and snow was beautiful but no doubt because we don’t have to deal with the cold, we have the opposite here, unseasonably warm and very dry, alas maybe no wild flowers this year. Also, love the red shoes, so happy I ordered a pair for Adah, we will be watching the post for them! Take care in all of that freezing weather! Regards, Marilyn and Adah Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2014 22:57:24 +0000 To:

    1. Marilyn,
      Adah is a wonderful name! We have an Ada in our family, she was my father’s favorite Aunt. He still talks about her and the way she cooked. I’m glad to know your Adah is settling in and making friends. It has been beautiful here, but not the type of weather you can stay out in and enjoy 🙂 I’ll be hoping that you get rain soon, so that your wildflowers will bloom!
      Give Adah a hug for me.

  2. Hi Paula,

    I recognize Ruby’s little foot in her pretty scalloped red shoe! I also have a “Red Shoe” article planned. I have a “new” old doll body that fits perfectly with the flat top china head I found in Centralia last spring. This body came with the most amazing slender hand made ladies’ high red lace-up boots with hard leather soles! I am currently working on an 1870’s ladies’ dress and jacket for her to compliment her boots. They are unique and so realistic with pointed toes.

    I also love Ruby’s soft little girl red shoes. She will be happy to show them off for Valentine’s Day! Like Adah, she is content to spend the hours with the other dolls and Teddy bears. I’m planning her all-white dress for when it is warm enough for her to go barefoot.

    Marilyn is right about it being too dry in the West this year. I enjoy the sun we have had in Oregon this winter, but would feel better with more rain. My spring bulbs are poking their heads up and getting buds already! Stay warm and cozy, and happy sewing!


    1. Jennie,

      Those are Ruby’s shoes 🙂 I needed a photo of some that looked a bit more recognizable than the little piles of leather that I’m currently working on.
      Your doll’s red boots sound exquisite and quite fashionable.

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you will get rain too. Our flowers are all still fast asleep. You’ll be having spring far earlier than we will 🙂

      My love to Ruby and her new family.

  3. Paula, When you posted the picture of the red shoes last year they really caught my eye. Every girl needs at least one pair. They seem to compliment every colour outfit and the soft leather molds so well to any shape foot. Jane

  4. Jane,

    Red shoes are my very favorite for Izannah Walker dolls! Closely followed by robin’s egg blue! Although I do have to admit that I also have a wonderful yellow mustard color piece of leather in my studio that I think is going to make outstanding shoes 🙂


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