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The Countdown to the UFDC Convention Continues – 7 More Days of Doll Making Left!


Patiently waiting for arms and legs...
Patiently waiting for arms and legs…




hands down! www.izannahwalker.com

10 thoughts on “The Countdown to the UFDC Convention Continues – 7 More Days of Doll Making Left!

  1. Oh Paula, how exciting! All of those little dolls look amazing!!! How fun to see pictures of so many different sweet faces! I want to grab the basket and bring them all home! Is the little doll with the side swept hair going to be a boy? I’m so excited to see the pictures when they are all dressed! Your dolls are just amazing – I really can’t find the words! How much do I wish I was going to be in San Antonio to see them on display???!!! Susie

  2. Susie,

    I wish you were going to be there too! It would be so fun to see you again and catch up!!! Although I totally understand why you can’t come and would be doing exactly the same thing if I were in your place.

    He is a boy! I really like little boys, although I don’t make all that many of them because people are very partial to the girls. I just had to make one boy, for myself, if no one else… Must just be all those years of sewing for my baby boys coming out.

    I’m not going to be able to get them all dressed before the convention, so some of them will be going in their “birthday suits”. That way people can custom order the clothing they want for their doll. The basket contains more dolls than I usually make in a whole year!!! I’ve had to fit making them in to just a few months – in between all of my other commitments 🙂 I’m actually still in shock that I have gotten this much done so far!


  3. Hello neighbor! I’m in Connecticut this week and loving it. Brimfield is three days away! Your new family of dolls is so sweet. You will have some very happy new customers. If I get to order another doll from you in the future, I want Miss Ruby to have a little brother. Happy doll making the rest of the week, and joyful travels, Paula.

  4. Hi Jenny,

    I hope you find great things in Brimfield! It would be my pleasure to make Miss Ruby a little brother whenever you decide that her family needs to grow 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful vacation!


  5. Hi Paula, I’m absolutely speechless. You did it. I love seeing all the doll bodies together in the baskets. I remember arms and legs pinned up on the clothesline during your retreat. I know you have worked your fingers to the bone making all these dollies. You deserve a nice long manicure and pedicure before you leave for Texas. You should try it, it will make you feel so good. Today I will be making strawberry jam. We bought 8 quarts of berries yesterday, the really ripe ones for a great price. My good wishes will be with you all this week as you wind down to your trip to UFDC.
    Fondly, Mary G.

    1. Hi Mary,

      I have to laugh and tell you that at this moment I have soooooo many arms and legs on that little clothes line that I’ve run out of room!

      The manicure and pedicure sound wonderful, but that will have to wait, as all those little arms and legs aren’t going to sew themselves onto the bodies and I have lots and lots of clothes still to make. It’s going to be a race right down to the very last minute – just like always 🙂 I’m going to do as much machine sewing here as I can before we leave and pack up the hand sewing to do once we arrive in Texas.

      Oh my gosh! Just the thought of jam making today makes me faint… it’s 90 degrees here and very humid. I do need to make jam too, as my berries are getting ripe. I really need to find time to go pick my currants, raspberries and gooseberries. Hmmmm I wonder when I can fit that in???

      Have a good day with your jam. It is going to make your house smell wonderful!


  6. Hi Paula!
    Wow!! I am totally blown away by all the Izannah dolls you set yourself to do and did!!!!
    I read everyones great comments and I am also wishing I could be at the show and scoop up that basket and give all the wee babies homes! EAch one is delightful to see and I know that when I am able I will be adding another 1 or 3 or more to my little family! My girls would also love a brother someday but I also am partial to those girls…
    I love Love LOVE the large new mold you have – she is a must Must MUST have in the future!!!!!! I was trying to figure out which one of the dolls in the basket I would pick if I could just have one and that I discovered would be a difficult choice to make!!! Each one is darling!!! Way to go on a huge accomplishment!!!
    All my very best wishes for a successful show!!!! Love,Charlotte

  7. Thank you Charlotte! I’m having trouble picking a favorite myself… although I have to admit that I am very enamored by the large one, the teenie tiny ones and the boy. The large one is a very, very early doll and has so many interesting unique features! The original has a very pale pink second skin, but I haven’t been able to find and antique pale pink, so I’m going to have to go with white linen.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me, I still have a whole lot of sewing left to do!


  8. Hi Paula!

    I was imagining that you had already left for Texas… I just thought I’d tell you that your photos inspired me to get to work on my girls still waiting from the Retreat…I know, those poor things had almost given up hope but when I went to start to paint again I realized I still needed to make more limbs!!!! So – this weekend I got to work and have almost completed the last set of limbs… I’m working on them as I speak. I must say it s getting easier which is great! I will have to put them on hold again as of tomorrow the little granddaughters are coming to stay with us until mommy and daddy are back from a cruise to Alaska. But now that the limbs are almost done I can look forward to my favourite task of painting!!!! :))
    I can’t believe how much you have done! Each doll is unique and very desirable!! I can’t wait to be able to add to my family of your Izzy’s!! I do love the large one and the one beside her(which is a new mold too i believe) The little ones are darling too and I am sure will be a big success!!
    I’m sure you will have a very successful show and come back brimming with orders!!
    All my fingers and toes are crossed!!! Love, Charlotte

  9. Charlotte,

    That is soooooooooo great! I’m really happy that you’ve been working on those arms and legs 🙂 Your dolls are going to be wonderful when you get them done. I need to see photos once you start to paint. I just love your painting!

    Having real live dolls in your house is the best reason n the world to have to stop dollmaking. I hope you and the girls have a great time together.

    Right you are, there are three new doll molds/heads 🙂 Thank you for your good wishes! I’d be thrilled to pieces if I can just sell enough to cover expenses 🙂


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