Antique Izannah Walker Dolls

Izzybelle Finds a Long Lost Sister

Miss Izzybelle has found a new big sister!
Miss Izzybelle has found a new big sister!

This is just fast post before we leave the convention.  A long lost sister is coming to live with the rest of the girls and Izzybelle is so  excited that she can barely contain herself!

Check out this video of the Artist’s Showcase at the UFDC convention yesterday – and yes, my table is on there 🙂

4 thoughts on “Izzybelle Finds a Long Lost Sister

  1. Hi Paula, everything looks so great. Was that Brian there helping you out?
    It certainly looks like the new doll artist section of the sales room put on a great display. I also hope your dolls were popular with guests and members. Have a safe trip home. ❤ Fondly, Mary Goddard.

  2. I just watched the short video of the doll convention/show/sale. I would have gone nuts if I had been there. So many amazing doll makers to see there and their fabulous doll creations. Wow! What a show! Thank you for sharing this exciting event with us.

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