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Isadora – SOLD

Isadora is now SOLD.  Thank you so much for coming to look at her!

I’ve had some requests for additional photos of Isadora, which made her blush!  Once she overcame her shyness, she was happy to pose in front of the cameras for a few more shots.  She is sitting on an unfinished antique quilt top that has quite a bit of plum colored fabric in it.  I think I probably have enough to make two dresses 🙂Isadora

If you would like more information about Isadora you can read her official write up on my website or you may email or call me with questions. 860-355-5709.

Isadora  Isadora  Isadora  Isadora  Isadora  Isadora

See more photos of Isadora in this post.


4 thoughts on “Isadora – SOLD

    1. Thanks Mary! She is the first doll from a new mold and the longer I look at her the more I love her. She’s a bit different from my other dolls in a very sweet way.

      ❤ Paula

  1. Paula,
    Isadora is just beautiful, and this new head mold is just so sweet and it gives Isadora the cutest expression, but my favorite part is her hair – you have just painted her hair so beautifully! Front, back, side, her hair is just perfection! I will definitely need to bring home a doll from this mold and this hairstyle someday! It is so much fun to see each new sweet Izannah Walker doll that you make! Susie

    1. Susie,

      Thank you ❤ I do really like this mold. I was having a very good "hair" day the day I painted her. The hair isn't like that of the original doll, as she is currently painted, but I could just "see" that face with curls all around it!


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