Even Better Than a New Doll!

Three weeks early!

It's been a long, wonderful day...

It’s been a long, wonderful day…


~ by paulawalton on January 7, 2015.

15 Responses to “Even Better Than a New Doll!”

  1. Congratulations!!!

  2. Thank you ❤

  3. Just beautiful!

  4. 🙂

  5. Congratulations to all of you Paula. What is your new grandbaby’s name? Also how is your daughter-in-law?

    Suzanne, Charlcie & Anna

  6. Hi Suzanna,
    The baby’s name is Cloe. They haven’t decided on her middle name yet. My daughter-in-law is doing really well, thank you for asking. She is mostly just tired from lack of sleep on Tuesday night. She went into labor right after they went to bed, so they both missed out on a nights sleep 🙂
    ❤ Paula

  7. Paula and Brian, she is so beautiful.

  8. Thank you Mary ❤

  9. Congratulations to you and
    Brian and also (especially) to the new parents. I’m not surprised the baby came early, she probably just couldn’t wait a moment longer to become part of your wonderful family. Best wishes to all and Welcome little angel, you are one lucky bub. Blessings to all. LOL LOL from Australia Janet Garrard

  10. Congratulations Paula, Brian and especially mom and dad!!! Cloe is absolutely precious!!!! I’m sure your heart melted the moment you laid eyes on her! What a little darling!
    The fun has begun – isn’t it wonderful!? I hope mom and baby are doing well and grandpa and grandma won’t land back on the ground for some time to come! I still feel exhilarated every time I see my little “grands” :)) Many blessings on your family, love Charlotte (and for Rick)

    • Charlotte,
      Thank you so much! We are pretty smitten 🙂 The new family is doing just fine. They got to go home yesterday afternoon and so far so good.
      ❤ Paula

  11. Cloe is beautiful. Congratulations!!!

  12. Janet and Megan, thank you so much! I’ll pass along your compliments and good wishes. ❤

  13. Hi Paula,
    Congratulations on the birth of your sweet new granddaughter! I am so very thrilled for you! She looks just adorable! You are going to have so much fun!!!!! Love, Susie

  14. Susie,
    Thank you! We are all ecstatic.

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