I’ll Be Back at Work on Monday

I’ve been in Nebraska for the past two and a half weeks.  My siblings and I, along with our various spouses and offspring, were having an estate sale to sell all of my dad’s things that he didn’t move into his new apartment and cleaning up his house so that he can sell it.  I’m currently about half way back home.  I’ll start catching up on emails and phone calls and be back to work on Monday.  Thank you all for your patience ❤

2 thoughts on “I’ll Be Back at Work on Monday

  1. Paula, have a safe trip back home. We are in Albany, NY for 5 days at the Shaker Doll Convention. I’m going to take a workshop on Friday and be busy the rest of the week going to various doll dialogs.

  2. Mary your trip sounds like a whole lot more fun than mine 🙂 I’m so sore from all the cleaning and hauling that I can hardly move! Hope you have a wonderful time in Albany!

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