Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day www.izannahwalker.comI hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

    1. Thanks Mary! I brought home seven huge boxes of photos from my dad’s and am going to scan them all so that my brother, sister and I all have access to them. I couldn’t resist posting this photo of my mom and me from my baby book. 🙂 It was really nice to be able to look through the photos and notes she had written…. It was the perfect way to get to remember her on Mother’s Day ❤

  1. Very sweet picture! What a wonderful Mother’s Day for you this year – your first as a Grandmother! Hope you had a chance to relax after the very busy weeks you have had. I’m sure your garden is looking great and you are enjoying some time in the Spring weather. Love, Susie

  2. Susie, thank you. I did have a perfect Mother’s Day this year. Not much chance to relax, but lots of good things happening here. The weather is on the HOT side of glorious, the fruit trees are blooming, we’ve started planting the vegetable gardens and have mounds of flowers stock piled on the porch, just waiting to be planted – plus I spent all day today taking care of Cloe!!! I hope You are having equally fabulous times! ❤

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