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My Heartfelt Thanks for Your Kind Messages, Notes & Cards…

Many thanks to all of you for your thoughtful notes and expressions of sympathy.  I truly appreciate all of your kind words more than I can possibly say.



Laughter and tears are the lights and darks that make up the patchwork quilt of my life.  These past few weeks have been filled with sunshine and shadows, but most of all love.  Thank you for your friendship.  Plus a huge additional thank you to all of you whose dolls I am working on, your kind understanding has taken a tremendous weight off of my shoulders.



While I am not totally back up to my regular pace yet, I am back at work.  So please feel free to call or email me with any questions about your doll orders and classes.  New things have been continuing to happen in my studio.  Yesterday Hannah joined my Izannah Walker doll family.  I already have molds of her in progress, so in the not too distant future I will be making reproductions of her, which will bring the number of original antique Izannah Walker dolls that I can reproduce for you up to ten.

Hannah arrives!

Hannah has joined my family of antique Izannah Walker originals.

Hannah the 6th antique Izannah Walker doll in my collection


8 thoughts on “My Heartfelt Thanks for Your Kind Messages, Notes & Cards…

  1. Hannah looks wonderful, will there be updates as you prepare to make reproductions of her? Size, cost,etc. Marilyn Brown

    1. Yes there will. She is more or less the same size as most of my other dolls (right around 18 inches), so she will be priced the same $1250.00 for a fully dressed doll with painted boots. $50 extra for bare feet and $75 – $100 extra for leather shoes (depending on the style). She is a beautiful doll and I feel so fortunate to have her. I can’t thank her previous owner enough offering her to me and for entrusting Hannah to my care.

  2. So sorry for your loss. I lost my Mom in April. One feels a little more alone in the world without our parents. Nobody loves us in the same unconditional way. It’s a big hole. That is a pretty “new” Izannah.

    1. Isabella I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. It does feel very strange not to have my dad and to realize that we are the oldest family members now.

      Thank you. She is such a sweet doll with a quiet, simple presence. Very comforting to be around.


  3. Dear Paula, I haven’t been keeping up with your site for some months now and am sad to learn of the loss of your Father. He must have been a wonderful man to have a daughter like you. May he Rest in Peace Yours sincerely Janet Garrard

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