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Please Join Me On September 25th When The Dolls & I Will Be Celebrating Izannah Walker’s Birthday Here On

A Sweet Remembrance ad_September2015

6 thoughts on “Please Join Me On September 25th When The Dolls & I Will Be Celebrating Izannah Walker’s Birthday Here On

  1. Paula, I’ll be waiting to see the Izannah Walker Birthday party photos and what the dolls will do this year. You always do the greatest set up with what you have right there in your home, and it looks wonderful. Will there be a sale during this time too? What number will it be for our idol Miss Izannah on her birthday ? On her 200th birthday I could host a doll quilt block exchange if you like. Such a good baby Cloe to sit long enough to have such a beautiful picture taken. Love the doll too. Fondly, Mary G.

    1. Good Evening Mary!
      I will be doing something special for Izannah’s birthday, I usually do a sale of one kind or another to celebrate. It’s been a strange summer here so I haven’t totally decided what I’m doing this year. This September 25th will be the 198th anniversary of Izannah’s birth. Such a very nice offer! In two more years I’d love to take you up on it. Cloe was very taken with my version of Anna 🙂 It won;t be long before she needs one of her very own.

  2. This sounds like wonderful fun! I’ve written it on the calendar and once there, it’s going to be noticed! And I love, love, love the picture! Billie Aye

    1. Billie,

      Good 🙂 I hope you will enjoy it! The dolls and I are looking forward to having a day long party. Cloe and I thank you for your compliments about her photo.

      ❤ Paula

  3. Hi Paula,
    Saw your note regarding the Birthday Party, sounds like fun.

    I’m so very sorry about your fathers passing I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    Just love the picture Cloe , she’s so sweet.

    Suzanne, Charlcie and Anna

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