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Happy 198th Birthday Izannah Walker – Part 8 – Wake Up Sleepy Heads!

“Good Morning!” “Time to wake up!”
“Come on sleepy heads!”
“What time is it?”
“Hannah, why are you up so early?”
“We need to go out to the garden and pick huckleberries for breakfast.”
“Huckleberry pancakes???”
“Oh no Hannah!” “You woke up the kittens too!”
“I suppose we might as well get up…”
“I think Sadie wants huckleberry pancakes too!”

and so the dolls got up and walked out to the garden…


where they picked huckleberries…


carried them back to the kitchen…


made pancakes, and enjoyed the beginning of a wonderful day!

Jack eventually came out from under the bed… captured a few stray huckleberries and gaily chased them around the kitchen floor!

4 thoughts on “Happy 198th Birthday Izannah Walker – Part 8 – Wake Up Sleepy Heads!

  1. I’m enjoying this story series so much! Thank you for all your efforts in putting this together. It’s such a joy to see the posts pop up in my email. Love every single one!

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