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Choosing The Wardrobe for Sharon’s Doll

I thought you might like a glimpse at the details that go into my custom made dolls…

Now that Billie’s doll is dressed and ready to go, it is time for Sharon’s doll to decide what pieces she wants in her wardrobe. She is very excited about choosing her clothing! After all what girl doesn’t love to shop ❤

When we last left off, Sharon's doll was gaily joining in all of the party games!
When we last left off, Sharon’s doll was gaily joining in all of the party games!

A few details of her trousseau have already been decided:


red shoes

Underwear: Like Anna #3

Anna #3

Dress #1: A long sleeve dress in this style in fabric #14

blue dresses

sunbonnet: This style in the black background print fabric.

Isa #1

Apron: Like the one Isane is wearing in this photo… possibly in the red, black and white fabric…

laundry day

www.izannahwalker.comAnd now it is time to pick out a few more things!

Winter Cape or Coat:  What about the winter white wool with the embroidered scallops above???

Cape Ideas:

print izannah cape

izannah cape

civil war child capeCoat Ideas:

izannah coatblack Izannah coat

girl with doll and trunk

1860 child coat

white Izannah coat

sister izannah coat

A Frilly White Party Dress:

In this style???

Isane www.izannahwalker.comand maybe one of these fabrics???

white fabrics

Made from all white fabric perhaps with tucks and lace???

I hope that you have all enjoyed dress shopping along with Sharon’s doll.  Please come back to visit so that you can see her modelling all of her new frocks and accessories.

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