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A Trip to Brimfield Yields Treasures!

So many great things to see! Our trip to Brimfield on Wednesday was wonderful.

On Wednesday my husband and I made our annual trek to Brimfield, MA.  Three times a year Brimfield is filled to capacity with dealers selling antiques, vintage items and collectibles of all kinds.  We usually only go in May, although we have occasionally gone in July, when the weather is blisteringly hot.  We’ve never managed to go up in September, since fall is a busy time for us…




Brimfield is usually one of my major buying trips for antique fabrics and trims. This year I found slightly less fabric, but bought more antique silk velvet ribbon than I’ve come across in a long time.









Another item I came away with in abundance was petticoats. Women’s petticoats, baby petticoats and doll petticoats!!!



I even found a doll size mohair coat ❤


The dolls were quite excited when I carried in several new pieces of furniture for their house.  I was lucky enough to find a tiny 1850’s jelly cupboard, a stretcher base table with a wonderful Christmas inscription on the underneath side, and an amazing little rope bed.







All in all a very successful expedition!


7 thoughts on “A Trip to Brimfield Yields Treasures!

  1. Paula, truely a great antiquing day. I’ve never seen a doll size mohair coat.
    Who gets it? The dolls home is spectacular and the painted wall paper gives it just the right look.

  2. Hi Paula, Wow – a truly successful Brimfield day indeed! I love everything you found! From the fabric, to ribbon, to the furniture – just amazing finds! The furniture you found is so perfect – that is one wonderful dollhouse you are creating! I love watching the progress of the dollhouse, and seeing all of the furniture additions along the way. So much fun! What lucky dolls to have such an amazing home! Susie

    1. Thanks Susie! It was a great shopping day! I even found a huge “people size” table… So the dolls and I both got furniture! I must be on a roll. Yesterday was a very good flea market day too. I bought an old tied red and white quilt – with lovely fabric on the back. In fact it is the very same backing fabric that was on a different red and white quilt that I purchased about five years ago! It’s one of my favorite fabrics so I’m thrilled to have more in stock 🙂

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