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A Very Special Doll for Sharon


Meet Sharon’s doll!  She is an 18-1/2 inch reproduction of my antique Izannah Walker doll, Isabeau, with a gently aged paint surface.  Sharon requested an extensive custom wardrobe for her doll.

For her doll’s first dress, Sharon chose a long sleeved, high neck dress that is a copy of one of the antique doll dresses in my personal collection.  Sharon’s fabric choice is a antique off white and black print cotton.

For  chores and gardening she has an embroidered pinafore apron with a pocket, to carry around her clothes pins and flower seeds. ❤

For hot summer days, Sharon selected a short sleeved white dress made of antique cotton fabric, trimmed with tucks and lace insertion and a black and white sunbonnet.

Sharon’s doll has bare feet, stockings fashioned from antique stockings, and hand-made red leather shoes, with tiny scallops and red silk laces.

When autumn winds bring crisp, cool nights this young miss will stay warm, wrapped up in an embroidered wool paletot.


At the end of a long busy day sweet dreams await in this reproduction of an antique doll’s nightgown, sewn from antique white cotton and trimmed with mid- 19th century glass buttons and lace.

*** you may enlarge any of the smaller photos by simply clicking on the image.


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