A Reproduction of Isabeau for Carolyn


A sweet “almost perfect” Isabeau, made especially for Carolyn ❤  Dressed in an antique “double pink” fabric that is almost cherry red… very seasonal for December!


Just for Carolyn, a custom reproduction Izannah Walker.

Getting dressed!

The fabric for Carolyn’s doll dress came from the back of a mid-19th century log cabin quilt.  It’s is a glorious, but sadly worn quilt…  As I was carefully removing tiny quilting stitches, to free the backing, I got such a nice surprise!  Log Cabin quilt blocks are pieced on a foundation fabric.  The fabric used for the foundation of many of the blocks is an amazing 1830’s/1840’s brown and blue print.  I love every fabric in this quilt!  After I remove all of the backing, I will remove the blocks that are too shattered to repair, repair the more stable ones, by piecing in period fabrics in similar colors and patterns, then reassemble the blocks into a slightly smaller quilt.  I had planned to add and plain muslin backing, but now I’m thinking that I will  do without a backing, so that the foundation fabric will show…  Slightly unorthodox, but beautiful.  Adding new binding around the edges will be the finishing touch ❤


~ by paulawalton on December 8, 2016.

6 Responses to “A Reproduction of Isabeau for Carolyn”

  1. Carolyn will love this beautiful doll!!! And what fun to read about that fascinating quilt! Billie

  2. Thank you Billie!

  3. She is just wonderful and the dress is perfect! You are amazing.

  4. I love that doll! Gorgeous. It looks like Carolyn prefers a doll that looks almost new, rather than a “much loved” reproduction. I think that would be my choice too, but nice that buyers have that option!

    • Thank you Isabella! I think we all have our own ideas about what our dream dolls should look like & I try very hard to make those ideas come to life… ❤

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