Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

A Reproduction of Isabeau for Carolyn


A sweet “almost perfect” Isabeau, made especially for Carolyn ❤  Dressed in an antique “double pink” fabric that is almost cherry red… very seasonal for December!

Just for Carolyn, a custom reproduction Izannah Walker.

Getting dressed!

The fabric for Carolyn’s doll dress came from the back of a mid-19th century log cabin quilt.  It’s is a glorious, but sadly worn quilt…  As I was carefully removing tiny quilting stitches, to free the backing, I got such a nice surprise!  Log Cabin quilt blocks are pieced on a foundation fabric.  The fabric used for the foundation of many of the blocks is an amazing 1830’s/1840’s brown and blue print.  I love every fabric in this quilt!  After I remove all of the backing, I will remove the blocks that are too shattered to repair, repair the more stable ones, by piecing in period fabrics in similar colors and patterns, then reassemble the blocks into a slightly smaller quilt.  I had planned to add and plain muslin backing, but now I’m thinking that I will  do without a backing, so that the foundation fabric will show…  Slightly unorthodox, but beautiful.  Adding new binding around the edges will be the finishing touch ❤


6 thoughts on “A Reproduction of Isabeau for Carolyn

  1. I love that doll! Gorgeous. It looks like Carolyn prefers a doll that looks almost new, rather than a “much loved” reproduction. I think that would be my choice too, but nice that buyers have that option!

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