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Welcome to My 1st Third Thursday – Two Dolls Made From Emmaline’s Mold – SOLD

Emmaline B
Emmaline B is SOLD

Emmaline A has found a new home ❤  Miss Emmaline B is still available.  She has a sweet, softly distressed paint finish that gives her an aged, well loved appearance – yet still retains vibrant coloring.  The hair around her face is in soft waves, with ringlet curls in front of her ears and at the nape of her neck.  “B” has some lovely blue embroidery on both her pantalettes and petticoat, plus a long chemise that will do double duty as a nightgown. Her white cotton dress is trimmed with myriad tucks and summery eyelet. The tops of her painted boots have a stripe of blue, that echos the blue embroidery on her undergarments.  If you are considering a 2nd dress, a blue printed cotton or red, white and blue paisley would both be very striking choices!

Emmaline B
Emmaline B close-up you can see her softly distressed paint finish, that still retains vibrant coloring. At the moment her paint finish is a bit shiny because it is fresh, but it will dull somewhat over time… SOLD
3rd Thursday! 2 Emmaline's Available
Emmaline A SOLD w/bare feet and leather shoes $1375.00 Emmaline B SOLD w/painted boots $12500.00
IMG_5382 (2)
Second Skins ❤

Happy Third Thursday of July! It’s a hot, sunny day here in Connecticut. My studio is filled with glorious, bright sunshine, just perfect for painting, but not all that wonderful for photos… So please excuse the glare and know that both sweet Emmaline’s look much nicer than these photos convey.

Dolls sold on a first come basis. Email to purchase.

EMMALINE A – $1375.00 SOLD  – Thank you to everyone who inquired about her!!!

Emmaline A does have stockings but Miss Sadie the mischievous feline has absconded with them.  I didn’t realize Emmaline’s stockings were missing until it was time for photos… The stockings are white silk.

IMG_5406 (2)IMG_5410 (2)IMG_5408 (2)IMG_5391 (2)IMG_5393 (2)IMG_5385 (2)

EMMALINE B – SOLD $1250.00

This is our day for footwear explanations 🙂 Emmaline B could not have her shoe laces painted, because it is the very last thing I do after her legs are completely painted… Well her legs were not dry until this  morning and I couldn’t paint her laces and get her dresses without the fear of smeared paint!

IMG_5415 (2)IMG_5395 (2)IMG_5397 (2)IMG_5388 (2)


Extra dresses may be ordered for $200 – $250.  These would be my fabric recommendations ❤

IMG_5426IMG_5424 (2)

Thank you for stopping by to see my latest reproduction Izannah Walker dolls!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to My 1st Third Thursday – Two Dolls Made From Emmaline’s Mold – SOLD

  1. Dear Paula, I hope the person that bought Emmaline A is as happy with her as I am with my Emmaline, renamed Annabelle May. They are sisters!

  2. Paula, Love your “Third Thursday” idea! One question, will lay-away be offfered? The girls are beautiful! Marilyn Brown

  3. Marilyn, thank you! I’m so glad you like them. I think Third Thursdays are going to be great fun. 🙂
    Yes! Lay-away is always available. I was rushing like crazy to get this post up before noon, so I didn’t have time to add all of my normal details. I need to set up a basic outline that I can use every time to make it faster.

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