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Only 3 More Days Until Izannah Walker’s 200th Birthday & My Annual Online Celebration!

Sneek Peeks of Izannah's Birthday Party
Someone just can’t wait until Monday… she’s peeking in the window to see what all the little dolls are planning for the party! Come back to visit on 9/25 and you can see just what they’ve been up to, as the dolls and I celebrate Izannah Walker’s 200th birthday!

I’ll be posting all day long on Monday, September 25th, as my dolls and I enjoy the party that the dolls have been working on The first of the new dolls that I am making especially to celebrate Izannah’s legacy will be making their debut appearance at 12:00 noon, eastern time on 9/25/17, with more to follow… The first party post will be at 1:00 a.m. Monday morning!

I think I can...
“If only I were just a little taller, I could climb into the parlor and hear what party surprises the dolls are whispering to each other!”

4 thoughts on “Only 3 More Days Until Izannah Walker’s 200th Birthday & My Annual Online Celebration!

  1. Such a wonderful dolls house and what a wonderful world that little Cloe lives in. Sending love to all the little Izannah girlies. They are indeed very lovely little ladies.

  2. Childhood is so very fleeting… it’s important that it is filled in equal measure with the magical, as well as the mundane… so I try to make a bit of magic from time to time. ❤ All the little ladies wish to send their love in return ❤

  3. Oh my goodness! On pins and needles. Can’t wait to see these posts! I am sure it will be amazing. Thanks so much for sharing!! Looking forward to it!!

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