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A Very Special Doll for Delores <3

I’ve been working on an interesting project for the last few months. I was asked to make a reproduction Izannah Walker doll based on the wonderful circa 1857 doll named Ella, that was sold by Withington’s Auction in 2008. The first step was to determine which of the 16 different molds that I have of Izannah’s original dolls would most closely resemble Ella. My Ismay was made around the same time period that Ella was and has a similar, though slightly thinner face. Ismay has had many more active adventures in her life than Ella has, and is not in as pristine condition. So my second step was to make a plaster positive of Ismay’s head and carefully re-sculpt the most worn areas. Then I made new molds from the plaster head. For reference I used the stunning photos taken by Withington’s for their 2008 catalog. It’s been a lovely process and I have so enjoyed conferring with Delores about her new doll! She is not an exact copy of Ella, as she blends bits of Ella and Ismay together, but I think she has captured Ella’s spirit. ❤ Tomorrow she will be traveling to her new home. I’ll miss having her sweet company in my studio, but I’m thrilled that she is finally going to join her new doll family!

A doll for Delores
A very special custom made doll for Delores ❤
Delores' doll
Posing with a photo of Ella.

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8 thoughts on “A Very Special Doll for Delores <3

  1. Paula, you’ve done it again! I think Izannah Ismay was and is the perfect choice for Ella! She’s gorgeous and I think “spot on” with her whimsical likeness and does her antique counterpart proud. Everything about her is beautiful! Charlotte

      1. I would love to see the Jenny Lind doll show. Thank you for giving me the Cat’s Paw site. I did order the kitty plus a couple of other things. Great site

  2. You are very welcome! Pam makes wonderful things! If you should happen to come to the show, make sure you find me so we can talk! I’m the co-chairman of the show and I’m usually running around somewhere on the show floor. You can ask anyone at admissions, the raffle, or the exhibit and they will be able to help you find me 🙂

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