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Meet the Lamb Sisters ~ 4 Dolls Available for Sale ~ Happy 201st Birthday Izannah ~ Part 4

the Lamb sisters
Two new dolls available

Miss A. Lamb and Miss B. Lamb SOLD
Miss C. Lamb SOLD and Miss D. Lamb

The dolls are welcoming the Lamb sisters to today’s celebration. These four young misses are all made from a mold taken from Tilly J. Lamb. Tilly J. Lamb is mainly known as Josephine here at home, following my mother’s family tradition of calling the children by their middle names. The original Tilly Lamb joined my doll family slightly less than two years ago. These are the first reproductions of her that I have made. It’s been a very interesting adventure! The first thing I noticed about these dolls is that it appears as if dolls made from Tilly’s mold are going to have a mind of their own. More so than any other doll, they each come out of the  mold looking like individuals. That’s true for all of Izannah’s dolls as well as my reproductions, because pressed cloth is a softer, less rigid method of molding heads… but these dolls in particular show that more than the others. It’s something that I personally love about Izannah’s dolls. ❤

The next very striking thing about these doll is their paint surface. You can clearly see all of the wear and paint loss that Tilly accrued during her lifetime reflected in these reproductions. They show their age, but in a very graceful refined manner. Tilly is a larger 20 inch doll, that has slightly different boots without the center seam in them that you see on many of Izannah’s dolls. Her arms and legs are plumper and she has a different body proportion. Which means I had to completely redraft all of the body patterns especially for her.

All four of the sisters are dressed in long sleeved brown dresses, made from antique fabric. They will come with an antique petticoat, pantalettes and a chemise made from antique fabric, Two brass brooches, one at the neck and a slightly smaller one at the waist, and a tiny pincushion. The pincushions are like the ones shown in the American Girl’s Book by Miss Eliza Leslie, although they are a traditional form that dates back at least to the later part of the 18th century.  Their dresses were made using a pattern taken from an original Izannah Walker dress, and are perfect for gardening since the long sleeves protects the girl’s pale skin from excessive sunlight and the practical brown fabric does not show dirt. ❤ Yet the dresses look sweet enough for a party with the addition of a few accessories.  The dolls are $1575.00 each, which includes free insured shipping to any U.S. address, with no sales tax unless they are shipped to CT. They are being sold on a first come basis and will be ready to ship out at the beginning of next week. Paypal, check, money order, credit cards and lay-away accepted.  Please email to purchase or with questions.  I’ll go by the time I receive your email if more than one person asks to buy the same doll.

Miss A. Lamb $1575.00 20 inches










Miss B. Lamb $1575.00 20 inches SOLD






Miss C. Lamb $1575.00 20 inches SOLD ❤










Miss D. Lamb $1575.00 20 inches









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