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A Very Soggy Garden Party!~ Happy 201st Birthday Izannah ~ Part 3


Will the rain stay away long enough for the party? …  After the cake was baked the ever hopeful Hannah and Charlcie ventured out to set the table for their birthday tea party…


“Oh goodness!” “Here comes the rain!” ” Hannah you take the teapot and I’ll bring the cake!” “I hope we get back to the house before the scones are soaked…”


Fortunately Eliza Jane had thought ahead to just such an eventuality! She had the parlor clean and a fire burning in the stove to help ward off the chill rainy weather.

just as nice
“I think this looks just as nice as a garden party.” “It’s so cozy in the parlor and it will be nice to sit together and have a tea party right here.”
gather the family
“Now all we have to do is to gather the rest of the family and our guests together for the party”
“The cake smells delicious Charlcie!” “Thank you, it’s one of my favorite receipts.”
what are you wearing
“Izzybelle whatever are you wearing?” “I found it in the attic. It’s going to be my Halloween costume.” “Well it’s not Halloween today. Today is our birthday tea party in honor of Izannah. It’s a very important day!” “All the more reason to dress up” reasoned Izzybelle “and I’m NOT changing clothes!”
“Miss Lamb, are you ready for the party yet?” “No, not quiet yet…”
“We are so happy that one of our dearest friends could be here for the party!”
“make a wish…”
Every year the dolls get a present in honor of Izannah’s birthday. This year they received a little wooden doll to add to their toy box ❤
Happy 201st Birthday!
“Happy 201st Birthday Izannah!” ❤


With love from…


and one of the doll’s very dearest friends ❤ ❤ ❤

dearest friend
❤ ❤ ❤ dearest friend ❤ ❤ ❤

8 thoughts on “A Very Soggy Garden Party!~ Happy 201st Birthday Izannah ~ Part 3

  1. Oh, my, Paula ~ what a wonderful party! The dolls look just beautiful in their wonderful old frocks and the cake and scones look delicious! Hope you all have a wonderful time! Thank you for inviting us to peek through your doll house windows ~ Dimity sends her love to everyone ❤

    1. Thank you Sandy! The dolls say to please give Dimity a hug from them. I wish you and Dimity were here to eat scones and cake with us. They all turned out very well. I’ll have to bake them for you some other time. I put tiny dried tomatoes in some of the scones and served them filled with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese… they were excellent! Quite a successful experiment 🙂

  2. So enjoyed the party, sorry it was raining, after all of the preparations that were made, the dolls look fantastic! Happy Birthday Izannah!!!!! Hope that you are able to see how much we love your wonderful dolls and what a wonderful job Paula does!!! Marilyn, Adah and Pearl

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