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Karyl’s Doll

Karyl's Doll
Karyl’s Doll

This is Karyl’s doll. She is ready to head home, just in time for the holiday season. ❤

Karyl's Doll

Karyl's doll (2)


4 thoughts on “Karyl’s Doll

  1. This sweet little doll is just absolutely beautiful! Everything about her! I love the fabric of her dress – so pretty, and the shoes are so cute! Karyl will have a very Merry Christmas with this lovely doll, and will surely treasure her! Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures, Paula. It is always such a great day when we can see photos of your amazing dolls.

  2. Thank you Susie! I’m partial to this fabric too. It’s from the back of a very old silk crazy quilt. The doll’s name is going to be Lily Mae ❤ and she is leaving in the morning. I'm going to miss her, but she's going to a wonderful home where she is already scheduled for a tea party!

  3. What a pretty Izannah, Paula! Which antique is this head mold from? Lily Mae has such delicate and refined manor about her. She’ll hold her own at any tea party-I’m sure… Her new family will love her! I love this brown patterned fabric too – I was sure it couldn’t be an antique. The orange toned fabric is to die for – they are both amazing. 💕Charlotte

  4. Charlotte,

    Lily Mae is made from Emmaline’s mold. The brown fabric is amazing, because it was never washed. It was sewn onto the back of a silk crazy quilt and then packed away. Unfortunately the silk rotted, but the cotton stayed crisp, clean and unfaded. ❤ The orange is also amazing fabric, it's a printed linen ❤ ❤ <3, also from a sadly unrestorable quilt.

    ❤ Paula

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