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My February “Third Thursday” Release of New Dolls is Rescheduled to Thursday 2/28/19!

February calendar

February is a month of snow & ice here in New England… even more so this particular February.  Winter wonderland beauty brings it’s own challenges.


In deference to Mother Nature, and her dearest companion the Snow Queen, my February “Third Thursday” will be delayed 1 week and will be rescheduled for Thursday February 28th @ Noon Eastern Standard Time. Join me here at my Izannah Walker Journal as the dolls and I bid farewell to the month of February and introduce you to my newest reproduction Izannah Walker dolls available for sale ❤

The theme for this month’s dolls is small…

little things
… my inspiration for February’s dolls is little sisters ❤

Please check back here between now and February 28th for a few peeks of February’s dolls… and in the mean time enjoy the winter snow days that come your way!


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