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A Red Letter Day ~Two Red Dresses Available

IMG_0653 (2)Red! ❤ Such a wonderful color and such a challenge for me to find when I am searching for antique fabrics! I’ve had a small quantity of floral striped red fabric stashed away for several years. I had been planning to make dresses from it for my antique Izannah Walker dolls… When I was contemplating Valentine’s Day and trying to think of something a tiny bit special to mark the day, I decided instead that I should use that fabric for a very tiny little Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Dress Shop!

Zanna and Isabeau offered to be today’s models. ❤  I had just enough fabric to make three dresses, these two matching long sleeved dresses, with a single growth tuck in each skirt, and a third make-do dress with short sleeves and a “false hem” of coordinating off-white and red fabric.

2 dresses available for sale
Zanna & Isabeau modeling Dresses 1 & 2. They are wishing you a very happy Valentine’s Day ❤

1. & 2. – ONE DRESS IS SOLD – ONE AVAILABLE  The two matching long sleeved dresses are finished and available for sale. They have 7 inch long skirts, so they are perfect if you’d like a shorter skirt for an 18 – 19 inch doll dressed as a younger child, or if you have slightly smaller doll made from my Anna mold. These dresses are too large for any of my Izzybelles. $225.00 each, which includes free shipping to any US address. There is no sales tax unless you are a Connecticut resident (6.35%). Please email me at if you wish to purchase dresses 1 and/or 2. Sold on a first come basis. Payment by Paypal, credit card, personal check, or lay-away.

2 dresses available for sale
Close-up details of dresses 1 & 2

3. – Dress three is not quite done… today has been a wild winter’s day. My best made plans were torn asunder by icy weather and a dead car battery, so I have been ferrying my near and dear ones back and forth to schools for most of the day. ❤ I’ll post the third dress just as soon as I put in the final stitches, so please check back!  Dress 3 will be the same as dresses 1 & 2, except it will have short gathered and banded sleeves, no growth tuck and a “false hem” with a different off-white and red print antique fabric used for the hem on the inside of the skirt.  It will also be priced at $225.00.

IMG_0428 (2)


2 thoughts on “A Red Letter Day ~Two Red Dresses Available

  1. Those red dresses are gorgeous! That is amazing fabric. Zanna and Isabeau look pretty as can be! How sweet to see them model such pretty dresses for Valentine’s Day! Completely delightful!

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