Custom Made Dolls · Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

Pixie’s Doll

A tiny 16 inch custom order reproduction Izannah for Pixie. ❤

20190517_190850 (2)
A custom order 16 inch reproduction Izannah Walker doll, wearing a dress made from reproduction fabric in her new mom’s two favorite colors, purple and red ❤


4 thoughts on “Pixie’s Doll

  1. Oh, she is so awesome! I love her! The purple and red fabric is amazing, and just suits her perfectly! She looks so adorable holding the sweet little peg wooden doll. This is a lovely group of photos! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you! I do just love the way she turned out ❤ Her new mom and her granddaughter love her too, which is just what I was hoping for! I think the purple and red print is so fun! I could just picture it as a matching child's dress, but the granddaughter in question is very firmly a pink girl 🙂

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