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Welcome to My 2019 Izannah Walker Birthday Celebration ~ Day 5 ~ Time to Play

IMG_5827 (2)
Pure happiness ❤

Today the little cloth dolls are doing what they were made to do, playing! Their favorite young friend has come to call and to enjoy a second birthday tea, because sometimes one just isn’t quite enough.

Friends are always willing to help… Ready, set, wish!

Cake & conversation…

What would a birthday party be without presents? Our young guest pointed out to me that the dolls needed a birthday present, which she picked out, then insisted that we wrap, in pink of course, because it is her favorite color.

At the end of the afternoon all of the Izannahs are feeling very special and well loved ❤ 


The dolls and I are so happy that you could come play with us today! Our Izannah Birthday Celebration will continue tomorrow with something special that you won’t want to miss!

❤ ❤ ❤

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