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Do you remember the story of Izzybelle and the Runaway Tomatoes???

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Do you remember the tale of Izzybelle and the Runaway Tomatoes? Ismay read it to all of her sisters on Izannah Walker’s birthday last September, as the dolls waited for the cake to bake. If you would like to read it again click here.

Today I spent several hours out in the garden with the tiny offspring of the Runaway Tomato. I have to admit that I am very tenderhearted when it comes to taking care of the plants in my garden. I usually cannot bear to weed out tiny volunteers that pop up in the wrong place, which makes me a very bad gardener and is how we wound up the the Runaway Tomatoes trying to take over the world last year… In my defense, last year I had a terrible “case of the woodchucks”!  The woodchuck family that moved into my barn was attempting to battle the Runaway Tomatoes for world domination! Despite all my best efforts they managed to get into all of the gardens and eat everything in sight, especially the tomatoes! So when the tiny yellow Runaway Tomtoes popped up in unexpected places, I left them alone, in  hope that the woodchuck hoards would be befuddled and over look them. Surprisingly enough that actually worked, though it was terribly unruly and chaotic, and I wound up with more tiny yellow tomatoes than I knew what to do with!

This year I have had different gardening woes… my greenhouse was leaking so badly that I couldn’t start my seeds as early as I should have. Not knowing if I would be able to fix the leaks sufficiently enough to plant, I delayed and didn’t even order seeds. The good news is that I actually DID fix all of the leaks, the bad news is that it took me quite a while to figure out how to do that.  So here is where the Runaway Tomatoes come back into the story. All of those many, many volunteer tomato plants last year reseeded themselves, and now there are soooo many tiny tomatoes coming up between the bricks in my garden paths! I spent several hours today gently teasing the little seedlings out of the ground and planting them in flats. Currently they are tucked into the greenhouse for the night, all safe and sound. In the end Izzybelle and her Runaway Tomato saved my garden tomato crop two years in a row, and the moral of this story is that Doll Collecting can make everything in your life better!!! (though sometimes in strange and unusual ways )

To read even more about the very beginning of Izzybelle’s tomato adventures click here

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  1. Dear Paula, this is just a quick note to let you know that the doll blogger at asked folks to list doll blog sites that they follow. I listed your site as one of my favorites.

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