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Getting the Gardens Ready for the Party ~ Happy 201st Birthday Izannah Part 2

The dolls have been very busy out in the gardens for the past few months. They are hoping that the rain will hold off long enough for them to enjoy one last garden party with all the remaining summer flowers & produce from the gardens….

Isabeau in the potting shed
Isabeau has been out in the doll’s potting shed… The seeds she started have grown into sturdy little plants that will soon be ready to go out into the garden… hollyhocks & thyme ❤
here is the lavender
“Isabeau here is the lavender you asked for.” “Thank you Isane. It smells wonderful!”

The dolls share their potting shed with the bees, who are happy to provide the little painted cloth girls all the honey they need to sweeten their tea, in return for the all the flowers that the dolls have planted around their skep.

more ?
“Do you think we should add more lavender to the honey?”


never too much
“you can never have too much lavender…”

Gardening is hard work for little dolls…






oh dear...
oh dear…

Would you like to take a garden tour while we wait for the party to start at 4:30 pm Eastern Time?











7 thoughts on “Getting the Gardens Ready for the Party ~ Happy 201st Birthday Izannah Part 2

  1. Beyond amazing! I’m just drooling over each and every picture. This is the most perfect Garden Party day ever, rainy or not! The girls are just the most wonderful, charming gardeners ever! You have taught them well, and it’s plain to see that they are enjoying every minute. Thank you for inviting us into your lovely garden! Just perfect, Paula!

    1. Oh thank you! ❤ They are very good helpers! We have had quite a lot of fun playing out in the garden this week as we got things ready for today. You get lots of credit for today's inspiration… if you hadn't suggested using the dry sink for a potting bench it would be a much different birthday celebration 🙂

  2. Home from work and just made myself a hot cup of tea to sit and enjoy the garden party with all the dear dolls, Paula! The colors in every photograph are so cheerful and bright and charming! I didn’t realize that the dolls had their own potting shed and isn’t it just wonderful ~ That robins egg blue really makes it such a happy spot and you can tell that they love to be out in the garden for there is not a weed to be seen ~ being so close to the ground must be such an advantage for bending over in the garden ~ for as I get age, I really do feel the aches and pains in my old bones. Do the dolls hire out for gardening? What a lovely post! Looking forward to 4:30 PM!!!!! ❤

    1. Thank you Sandy! They didn’t have a potting shed until very recently 🙂 I suddenly looked at some of the extra partial bricks left over from the walkways and thought hmmm…. doll size stairs! After that it was simply a matter of scooching the bee skep to the back and voila ~ a doll potting shed! They are wonderful helpers, but they have the attention span of children, three weeds and they are done! LOL

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