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Happy 203rd Birthday Izannah Walker Part 4 ~ The Doll’s Slumber Party

Over the past ten years the little Izzys have had several slumber parties, not every year because they are always high spirited, bosterous affairs. My nerves can’t quite take that much gaiety and joyous shrieking without a lengthy break in between their sleepovers. Happily for them, and for all of the rest of us too, this is a birthday slumber party year!

Before this evenings invited guests arrived Tilly Lamb and Isabeau cooked a delicious birthday dinner. They made a huge chicken and mushroom pie, then prepared all the wonderful vegetables that the dolls purchased at the Thyme Forgotten Farm Stand on Thursday, when they did their marketing. They are hoping that their younger sisters and friends will eat something healthy for dinner, before they have their midnight snack of sweets!

After dinner Charlcie and Eliza Jane took over the kitchen chores. They brought out the little individual dark chocolate cakes they baked earlier in the day, and made a large pot of steaming hot cocoa. All of their sisters and friends enjoyed the sweets and finshed every single drop of cocoa and crumb of cake. ❤

All in all I would say that this has been an extremely happy occasion for all of us here at the doll’s house. The girls had such a good time having you come vist and join in their party for Izannah Walker! They love having guests even more than they love getting presents… and speaking of presents, this year they received a new antique dry sink for their kitchen, which has made them all (except Izzybelle) very happy indeed! Izzybelle much prefers toys and clothes to kitchen furnishings! She was quite pleased with their toy tin stove, photograph album and new knitted bosom friends. ❤

Tomorrow morning, September 26th at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time, you can get a Behind the Scenes peek at a bit of what goes on in preparation for all of my birthday party posts.

We will finish our 203rd Birthday Celebration tomorrow night, September 26th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, with the unveiling of my first reproductions of Sarah Alice.  She is the newest addition to my antique Izannah Walker doll family and dearly beloved by all of her sisters. ❤

2 thoughts on “Happy 203rd Birthday Izannah Walker Part 4 ~ The Doll’s Slumber Party

  1. I watched the video. What a wonderful event!

    I am enjoying the slumber party.

    It looks like everyone is tucked in and tuckered out from all of the festivities.

    ‘Night, ‘night.

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