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Behind the Scene ~ Setting the Stage for my Photo Shoots ~ Happy 203rd Birthday Izannah Walker Part 5

One of the most time consuming, but fun, parts of taking the photos I post here on my Izannah Walker Journal is creating all the items to use as props and doing the staging. This often starts months in advance.

For example, I know that I always want to have tiny fresh flowers available for my annual Izannah Walker birthday celebrations, so in early summer I choose the flowers I would like to use in my arrangements, then plant the seeds in growers trays. I hold the tiny plants in the flats all summer long, watering and nurturing them every day! I leave them in such tight quarters because I want the flowers to stay very tiny as they mature and bloom. This year I featured amaranths, including love lies bleeding and coral fountains. The plants in the growers trays are only a few inches high, but their counterparts that are gowing unfettered in my gardens are taller than I am! All of them planted from the very same seeds ❤

I’m sure will will have noticed by now that many of my posts about the doll’s and their kitchen feature food. One of the questions I am often asked is whether or not it is real food. The answer is Yes! It is always real food on a small doll size scale. This year you will have seen that even the freshly picked vegetables are tiny! I do this by harvesting the baby produce and in the case of the pumpkins and eggplants, growing miniature varieties. Not surprisingly baking and cooking take up a significant amount of my pre-photo prep time.

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse of my back stage preparations!

The final part of my Izannah Walker 203rd Birthday Celbration is this evening at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time right here on when I reveal my very newly made first reproductions of sweet Sarah Alice! There will be four dolls available for sale and they will be sold on a “first come” basis. ❤

4 thoughts on “Behind the Scene ~ Setting the Stage for my Photo Shoots ~ Happy 203rd Birthday Izannah Walker Part 5

  1. Good morning Paula, and all the sweet girls! What a delightful time we are having here enjoying the wonderful, fun birthday party! We love the post this morning, as we have been scratching our heads as to how you have such tiny vegetables and flowers! They are perfectly to scale, and look so wonderful! Your talents know no bounds, and we are just in awe! It is a lovey, sunny September day here, and we are having the best time celebrating with you! Thank you for all that you do! Love, Susie

    1. Susie,
      It has been such fun for the girls to get to share their party with everyone! Thankfully all the dolls enjoy helping out in the gardens and the greenhouse. ❤ I couldn't do it without them!

  2. I have so enjoyed this celebration. Thanks for showing how you made it happen.

    I look forward to reading about more of the sisters’ adventures.

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